Our Nation Needs Us…

Hey there friends it’s really good to connect with you!

There is something deep in my heart that I have been wanting to share. Yes, it is faith related and if that is not your cup of tea, truly we understand that here at Tara Cherie and ask that you respect our stance and belief.

Recently, I have been seeing many posts pertaining as to whether or not to vaccinate or not vaccinate. Whether we should eat food with GMOs and is this the main cause of health problems. I have been reading about this battle of whether to home school or not, whether to buy a home or not. The point being, it seems like everyone has a stance or an opinion and that in itself is fine, but nothing beats the revelation of truth through prayer.

Even if you are not the praying type, I want you to know that we at Tara Cherie still care about you and your life. We also care about the lives of others and the state and direction our country is going. Did we really expect our president, one man to be able to change all things? Should we be pointing the finger and really blaming a man, who in many ways his hands are tied. I am certainly not defending his actions right and wrong alike. I am simply suggesting through this post and encourage you to join us in praying for our nation. This is not a time to point out the faults in others, but a time it will take us, we the people praying, gathering, and uniting to make the difference. I ask that before you blame, find fault with others, that you remember it is scriptural to pray for others and those you are assuming or innocently accusing.

Whether we know all the facts, or the situation. Proverbs 3:1-5 discusses the importance of ‘leaning not on our own understanding, but all in our ways acknowledging the Lord and He shall direct your path’. One man cannot fix our country’s problems. There is a man, however, who has not power, but true authority over our country and our well being. He cares for each of us, but we must be willing to repent of our selfish ways and turn to Him, our Father, the Lord; who had already took His son to the cross and paid the price for you, so that you may have freedom. Your chains are broken and you are free, unlike many countries, to pray and to worship. If we expect to protect this freedom that we possess, we must be willing not to strike against the enemy and the evils in this country, but to take this matter to God in a state of prayer and submission; that should be our ‘role’ here in this country. We are to surrender ourselves and let God do the rest. It is up to the Lord to redeem our country of what is truly going on.

It is time we put our differences, cultures, socio-economic status behind, whatever that is, and be willing to humble ourselves and come together. We are not ‘one’ without the other and we were not meant to do life alone. Freedom is precious and do we realize how good we truly have it? It is time for us to wake up and see what a gift we truly have, grace and mercy. It will not last, however, if we continue to point fingers at one another and divide ourselves. We must be willing to lift the other up and to take a stance of prayer not just for our country, but our president, our cabinet, and all who are involved. Whether we agree or not, they have been placed in this power of authority for a reason, we must pray our nation through in order to see true change that we desire. Please agree with us in prayer. We would love to connect with you more and be I prayer for whatever it is you need or if you would like to join us we would love to have you. Please visit us at Facebook at Tara Cherie, send us an email to taracherieconsulting@gmail.com or respond to our post here at www.taracherie.org. Until next time….