Competiton or a calling??? (Part II)

Last time we met friends, we were discussing, what it means to be more like-minded in Christ. What does like-minded in Christ mean for our lives?? If we choose to be more like-minded, He abides in us so we are no longer relying on our own strength to accomplish and create results, we are instead relying on His strength and trusting His timing for the results, for the promotion, for the life changes! In the meantime, He is guiding, steering, and directing us!

What release of FREEDOM! We don’t have to figure anything out! We can choose to take the pressure off of ourselves to perform altogether! Why? Because, He has us in the palm of His hand and as His child, He is nurturing us and teaching us what we need to know, so when the time comes for the promotion, we are passing the test with flying colors. All the seeds we sowed into the ground, all the time we spent learning, has now paid off in dividends and we are reaping a bountiful harvest IF and only IF we wait on Him to produce that fruit in our lives. We just have to be willing to ‘be’ and ‘be led’ by Him! That simple, He does the rest!

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Breaking The Bondage: An Overcomer…

crossroadsI was at a crossroads, overcoming or full on implosion, letting everything I had worked for consume me. The clock was ticking and only I could make that choice. How could I have been so selfish to think I had really been helping others including my own family? I was a short circuited mess, a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Something was really not right with this picture.

Right away I went into my prayer closet to ask God what needed to change in me to thrive and succeed the way I truly desired to. Certainly I would be required to walk in a higher measure of faith. Our society teaches us that we must work hard to have the life we want and that God only helps those that help themselves. Though we are called to serve through our work and our efforts, it is not by our own strength and efforts that we excel, but in the hands of our Lord, the very one who breathed and gave us life.

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Looking For Peace, Harmony, & Rejuvenation???

Prior to the company I partner with, I worked 80-90 hours a week for a boss that didn’t appreciate my work. Not only was I burnt out and stressed out, but I had no quality time with my family. I wanted to be free to enjoy my loved ones. I longed for peace and balance, but never felt as though I had it. I was burning myself out and not properly taking care of my body physically. I was sleep deprived trying to meet the demands of everyone else to please them, but miserable and unhappy without the tranquility I was looking for.

Since plugging into the company I partner with, I have seen nothing but freedom and balance. I have more time with my family than I ever had before. I am able to work very part time hours around our toddler daughter. I never have to miss out on a single moment of her life and am able to groom her in a way that is encouraging to her growth and development. I am getting the proper rest and sleep my body is needing and we are able as family to enjoy our lives together taking vacations and building memories together; which in and of itself is priceless. I am able to work smarter not harder and am creating way more results in less time without the demands and pressures of everyday life making a significant income that allows peace and harmony amongst our household.

Maybe everything in your life is completely centered and balanced. Maybe your family is living harmoniously and peacefully. If you are however, looking for a way to decrease your stress, spend more time with your family, and live life abundantly, while still making affordable income without the demands of others, I would like the opportunity to speak with you. Our company has a few key openings in both management and entry level positions and is looking for the right fit. We will be making our decision soon. If you are desiring to be considered please respond by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you!

A Moment of Transparency….

Something just really hit me and I am only posting because I’d like to humble myself and be transparent. Also I would personally like to be held accountable. We are not in this life by ourselves and now is one of those moments…I found it quite simple to go through hubby’s closet and purge of items he wasn’t wearing or were faded. He had given me that permission since he trusted me and knew I would do a good job with it. When I went into my closet, I almost found myself not wanting to let go of the clothing. I really had to ask myself why am I really hanging on to items that I am not wearing?

Then it hit me that I really had ego and fear of if I gained the weight back that I had lost or what if I lost so much that I am getting rid of items I could fit into the future. I am still on my weight loss journey. I have been going back and forth between the 140-139 mark. I am okay with this because I know my body is healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There may also be alot of repair work that my body is doing in the inside. There are foods I am still eliminating that are toxic to my body personally. Then I had revelation, I really cannot grow and mature in this area if I am not willing to part with these items and my past. I am not who I was then, these are just items.

If I expect to be entrusted with more, I must give and give freely. I am the one determining if I past the test of being entrusted with more weight loss, more clothing that fits, provision financially for this purpose, entrusted with sharing my journey with others, etc. This is a big door opening if I choose to see it that way. I have to determine if I am going to walk through that door or not, but I must if I expect to get to the other side. I also mustn’t complain or question the Lord. With His help, I know what items one by one that must go. I am on my last trash bag and once it is filled I will be released from this burden and unleashed into another level of freedom and trusting God in a care that was meant to be His in the first place. I am surrendering this into His hands because He is fully capable of that.

The scripture that comes to mind for me comes from the Bible Gateway version of Matthew 10:29-32, 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[b] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. 32 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. Complete confirmation to me of why I am doing this and as a token and blessing to blessing someone else who may not have. Thank you for allowing me to speak and be transparent. Also thank you for keeping this a safe place for me to post and share with you. I appreciate your care and support, I know I am not alone in this and neither are you! Let’s keep the support and encouragement coming! I believe in you!

I Want To Move Forwards Not Backwards!

Well it’s true friends, I finally did it! I managed to scale my hours back! It wasn’t without much sacrificing! I felt like I was giving up a baby I had just birthed! What an experience this was!

For months, I thought I had my time management down and in order until my husband and I made the decision recently to add two companies to his nearly full time job and my existing business PLUS being parents and having household responsibilities! Theoretically this was all a great idea, but we missed one small and VERY important detail! TIME!

We had not made a decision as to where to place our time! This resulted in working early in the morning until super late at night! Myself, I experienced extreme exhaustion and that was with taking vitamins and eating super healthy. No matter how healthy I ate, the stress and anxiety was causing my cortisol levels in my body to increase leaving me with stomach pain and inflammation. On top of it, from all the staring of the screen, my eye sockets were in constant pain even after 8 hours of sleep.

My husband looked drained trying to keep up with me and my daughter was acting out by smearing poop on the wall. My entire home looked like a tornado went through it and no matter how much I worked on it, everything piled up because the attention I would normally devote to it had been focused on, well you guessed it, WORK! There was not enough time and to think I wanted even more time added to my day, but where???

The resentment in every area of my life was creeping in. I didn’t feel I had enough time with my husband. Half the time I wanted to ship my daughter off because of her acting out. I didn’t have the energy I needed to correct her or to be the mother that I knew I was capable of. I was in BIG trouble, I mean BIG trouble. I couldn’t keep up this pace any longer, the writing was on the wall.

I could either make changes or entirely self destruct! With a little help from a few special friends and a few devotions and reminders from the Lord, I realized I had been striving in my own strength for too long. I had been trying to make things happen my way because I thought my plan was not just any plan, but ‘THE’ plan and noone was going to tell me different! Boy, was I ever WRONG. I had to ask myself why was I do ing this? Now I am positive that I was only doing this for myself, to see the results of what I could do.

Friends it was time for me to scale back, the stress and the problems were not worth my freedom anymore. I was in bondage in a big way and was tired of living a life of routine, but never having lived at all. I wanted a quality life where my entire family was happy and winning. This of course required me to scale back my hours, to know when to delegate, and to be there for my family more. This would require a higher measure of faith and stronger conviction and belief in myself.

God did not ask me or any of you to strive. He asked us to be willing to be used. Yes there is a message to this, He, God, wants to be able to use you. If you are about yourself and your own agenda, no fruit will come off that except temporary gratification. When we think we can do it all ourself, our plan is proven to crumble and fall apart. When we choose to trust God that if we commit our plan to his plan, He will work it all out on our behalf. We just have to be willing to do what He asks; even if this means not following the plans others think we should, even if it seems like there are more circumstantial problems or there is opposition and nothing is lining up, we must trust God for His plan and be willing to trade in and hand over our cares to Him. He will make a way where there is none, but we must be willing to get out of the way and in a spot with a soft tender heart open to receiving His plan. If there is anything that is keeping you and stopping you from doing so, go to God and ask Him to show you what is separating you from Him and from receiving all the promises He has for you. He wants you to inherit all the desires of your heart, just not your timing and your plan. Your life belongs in His hands, let Jesus take ahold of the wheel and let Him steer you. The freedom you will experience is way more worth it, even if it means going backwards before forwards! We must be pruned before we can receive more and be entrusted with ALL He has for us! It’s coming, trust in Him and His plan! Love you!

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