A Belated Merry Christmas To You!!!

Just recently, our church decided to come together and sponsor a family for Christmas who had lost everything. Not many details were shared with the congregation that I can recall off hand. It was brought to our attention that there were tags hanging on the Christmas tree and would we consider helping this family. As mentioned a few times, we wanted to begin teaching our child that it is better to give than to receive. We let her pick off a tag one Sunday at church. It was a very special item from a store we didn’t know much about. We prayed it through and out to the store I went one day in complete faith, but with great love in my heart that something ‘special’ was going to happen.

I could feel a sense of hope and holiday magic in the air. When I arrived in the store a delightful, elegant woman in her 50’s or so I’d say came to my rescue to help pick this gift out. She had such wisdom and love in her eyes, I just knew it was a divine appointment that day. She had shown me a few items and the following item, we just knew it was it, we both had gotten ‘chills’. The theme behind this item was ‘journey’. It was the neatest thing I had seen! The woman began describing to me how I could write this ‘woman’ a letter for her new journey and her new chapter. The pointers she had given me were nothing more than confirmations that had already been in my heart to write, she had only affirmed me. I shared with her the story of how our daughter had picked the tag and at that time we had not seen that it was for a ‘mother’, we were not sure if it was ‘daughter’ or ‘mother’ only that this was an item ‘she’ had really wanted.

I was there on faith to give of my heart in this purchase and thankful our family was able to do so. The woman said she was so touched with words that she included another piece to this item ‘on her’. I was so touched, astounded in tears and in awe of this lady helping me and her generosity. She neatly placed the item in the bag neatly wrapped mind you. With a smile on her face, she embraced with one of the warmest hugs and her words were simply, ‘I know you stepped out on faith, it will be okay. God is going to bless this and you. God bless you’. I was so touched by this woman, she had no idea what her love had meant to me, it was a magical moment for sure.

Even more magical was the moment I went to my care and began to drive home. I thought about all those that are in need of hope and encouragement this holiday season, how could I possibly fill this need. The answer was simple, to embrace a gift, find the need, and be willing; be willing to share your heart and the message of what Christmas really means. When I got home, I shared with my family this experience I had just had. When I went to grab the tag, I flipped it over and on the back said ‘mother’. I now knew this was not coincidence, this was an assignment bestowed on us to bless this family with this item; more importantly from one ‘mother’ to another; an opportunity to speak life and encourage her. How honored I felt to be writing her a special message from the heart and to be on this journey along with this family.

Words cannot express how much this meant to our family to give back in this season to a family who was truly in need. When I prayed in that moment, this message had been prepared on my heart and from our family to yours we are truly touched and inspired, both, to be sharing in this message with you at Christmas Time. From the bottom of our heart to yours, a very Merry Christmas from the Johnsons!

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