A Blessing In Disguise

Just last week I had shared with you our recent move and the perils we were having with the moving company. They really had drug their feet in getting our items to us. My husband and I held onto faith that we would receive our items, but we didn’t know when or what condition our things would be in once received.

It’s really amazing to me how we often take the simplest things for granted. I admit, in our old place, I had plans for that place, I like nice, new things. Most people do like having the latest, nicest thing. I kept thinking about what I would do with our new place once we moved in and got settled. I thought at the latest, we would have our things three to four days later. Little did our family know that it would be nearly 3 weeks, 26 days total, before our items arrived. The most basic things like cooking utensils or bed, had not arrived. I would have given anything in that moment just for a bed and a table to sit at and eat our meals.

My attitude really wasn’t the best and my outlook, a bit on the pessimistic side. If ONLY the moving company would have hurried up! Until one day, I woke up to a sweet, gentle voice whispering in my ear. God was wanting to speak to me and correct me in love. You see what He showed me and what I learned from this whole experience, what a blessing it is to have a roof over my head, food to eat, and some belongings to help us get buy. God also reminded me of the provision He had recently blessed us with. I believe he blessed us knowing what situation we were facing.

Yes, this was certainly a trial and tribulation, a test in my faith. The point is, I did receive a blessing that morning. You see, everyday, millions upon millions of people go without food, water, or shelter. Many of them are not working because jobs and work are lacking in their area. If they are working, it may not be the best job. Myself, on the other hand, I have all these things, I am more rich than most; yet I complain because my furniture is not here yet and I have no choice but to wait. My problem looks very small in comparison with the rest of the world. I will say that my attitude all of a sudden shifted. I began to give thanks to God for these things in my life that others did not have. I prayed for God to bless others and to show me who needed prayer and what for.

Our moving process has not ended, though we did finally receive our items. There were some damages and our dining room table legs didn’t make it here. Fortunately, that is a simple fix that a friend of ours will be helping us with in the near future. We are preparing a claim form and seeing what God wants from us in order to fully bless us from this experience.

Though we did overpay for our move, we stayed professional for the most part, prayed about our words before having conversations with this company, and trusted God to work it out on our behalf. Sure enough, the delivery driver eventually calls me, he is the foreman on the job informing me that our items would be here in a certain time frame and to be ready. We took time to build a relationship. I got to know him and him me. I ended up explaining what happened in our move and he went to bat for us. The remainder of our payment ended up being discounted. I felt blessed that because I put a relationship first, our family was blessed in return. In addition, we were expecting some friends that day, but not our moving truck. Our friends were coming to help assemble a few things we had bought and were supposed to spend the night for only one night! They ended up here a full 2 days and 1 night helping us assemble everything! God strategically lined it up for them to be here when our items arrived to help us! If that wasn’t enough, our place is slightly smaller than our old, therefore, we ended up getting rid of a few extra items we had. Our friends have a friend who runs a kitchen ministry and we were able to donate quite a few kitchen items to help with serving their local community. We were also able to bless this couple that had helped us with a financial gift to go towards their childrens’ ministry. We have prayed for them for a long time and it had been on our hearts to bless them for the last 3 years.

By this time, my heart had been filled with gratitude and praise. Though things had not gone my way or the way that I thought, a shift in my attitude in what seemed as though a gloomy, depressing situation turned out to be such a positive encounter, a refreshing with new perspective on life in so many ways.

I am here to encourage you that if you are down or in what seems like an almost impossible situation, PRAY and ask God to reveal to you what is keeping you from receiving your blessing or getting a matter handled and resolved. Remember God does want to bless you like mentioned earlier this week. Attitude is all about perspective. Ask God for His perspective for your life and trust that He will work it out. There may be some bumps in the road along with a few curveballs, but God will deliver and refresh you! Give your situation over to God, don’t try to handle his yourself. The weight is not to be on your shoulders. Hand this situation over to God and ask Him to care for you and it. Everything will work out and better than you expected! God bless you, I am praying for you in this moment and any situation you may be going through! Until next time!

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