Are You A Mom or Dad Looking For Work? We Are Hiring!!!

I am not sure why this just came across my mind…but a light bulb just finally turned on. There are so many mothers out there that have kids especially kids with special needs. My heart has so much compassion for parents caring for special needs children. So many parents that I am interviewing for our company need to be able to work at home for this very reason so they can have flexibility in providing care, going through testing, appointments, etc.

I totally get it! I am proof that you can have a flexible schedule working around your special needs child. Where on earth could I tell my boss I want time off and it’s given to me without being questioned? Where on earth could I take a half day to spend with our daughter traveling or doing an activity she loves just because I wanted to surprise her as mom? Where on earth could I make an income in one month that elsewhere would of taken me months or maybe even a year to make? Where on earth would I have gotten the flexibility that I do here to work around therapy, school and appointment schedules?

Yet, our company has totally honored all of the above and I am in love with the fact that daily, I am able to still be mom, show up to work, and do something that I love with a completely supportive team atmosphere and environment. The best part has been how simple our business model really is and the fact that numerous directors and clients in our company have benefited from the personal use of the products and services we offer. Not to mention the financial freedom it’s brought in allowing countless people to pay off debt; in fact some the directors in our company are DEBT FREE thanks to the compensation our company is able to provide its directors.

It’s no wonder we are able to travel the country and world for pennies on the dollar. How many people can truly say they love what they do!? I can!!!! I get what it means to be a mom, but to still have vision and impact on others lives while working with a company who leads with integrity on a daily basis! Are you looking for work?? If you are a parent with a child or children in the home that have special needs or you just want to have that vision and accomplishment in your life while still being mom or dad first, lets connect. Our company is currently conducting interviews for a few key positions we have available that will allow you to work around your children’s schedule. If this is you, please send an email along with your resume to and we will set up a time that works to personally connect so that I can get you those details! Serious inquiries only please!

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