Ask Away…

What we say holds truth and power. Our mouths are a portal that opens the doors of things to come whether positive or negative. Even the images of what we watch and listen to from others has tremendous bearing. We don’t always think about what we watch on the television or what we listen to on the radio, next thing we know our mind is printed with images and words that we repeated and heard. What we say and do now truly counts as mentioned in my posting earlier this week. What we speak either works for us or against us. We could innocently say something we are not thinking or meaning to attract. This also goes for words spoken over others. Remember what you confess is enough to free a person or to interlock both of you into bondage. If you are believing for yourself or someone you know to be freed from bondage and negativity…it is important to not only forgive you and them and to also seek forgiveness from them, but also guard your heart and mind of images and thoughts that might separate you from the blood of Christ.


Anything that is not pure, that does not come from Him, that is not good or positive, is unclean and prideful. When you are dealing with pride you open the doors to other thoughts and feelings that push God away. God cannot reach you when you are not willing to be reached nor to seek Him. Have you ever found yourself desiring or wanting a deeper relationship with Him, but find yourself feeling unable or that too many things are in the way and you don’t make time? Ask for a deeper desire to seek Him and to help you maintain pure thoughts. He will help you to live a life that is closer to Him. His grace over your life is more than enough and you are not meant to do this on your own. Being with Him and Him abiding in you means a deeper peace and understanding. Being with Him is the way to great freedom if you just invite Him in. He is desiring a relationship with you today. Be willing to use the time you would be doing other things and make that time for Him, it will be worth it! He is your life giver and desires to bless you beyond measure! Until next time!

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