Fighting the good faith!!!

I was thinking of you all and praying this morning for you! This was the message laid on my heart that I thought I would share for the day! Some of you are waiting for something powerful, a breakthrough very special to your hearts. If this desire placed in your heart has not been answered YET, do not be discouraged and faint not! With a child-like faith, be persistent with tenacity and continue to be faithful in your prayer life. The desire stirring i your heart today is for a reason and it is strategically being lined up on your behalf, but if you give up too soon, you may never see it come to pass. Don’t give in if it wasn’t answered on your TIME TABLE! Praying will build your character and your faith! Ask for a greater measure of FAITH that in due season, God promises to bless your desire if you continue to seek Him. All things come to pass in fruition in HIS timing! Stay faithful with the small things and don’t forget to look at the positive blessings of each day and embrace ALL opportunity to be on your knees in prayer, this is your greatest commune and intimacy with Him! I believe in YOU!

The window of opportunity…..

Really felt this laid on my heart and wanted to share…I know someone needs to hear this today! Instant gratification is always going to be out there in the world. We all face temptations at one time or another. Sometimes the grass ‘appears’ to be greener on the other side. What appears lush, green grass may not be the pasture in which you are supposed to graze and reap the harvest. When life gives us opportunity and doors open, we must exercise with prayer as to whether we are to walk through that door or not. Prayer is a powerful system of checks and balances that is designed to keep us on track of where we are really meant to be. We are designed and meant to not only give of our first fruits, but to also receive the first fruits. Sometimes the right door and window of opportunity can be right in front of our face. If we are fixated on going through a certain door because it ‘appears’ to be better, we could be missing out on the BEST! Ask Him for wisdom, knowledge, and clarity as to what door HE wants you to walk through TODAY! If you are in this spot today, submit and surrender to prayer and know the windows of heaven are strategically being unlocked and opened for you today! I believe in YOU!

CBA or ABC, what order comes first????

Priorities…we all have them. We all possess the same 24 hours in a day. How we manage our time becomes a choice. Time often means balance, but how many of you find that your time is skewed in a certain area? Is the time we spend at work the same amount of time we spend with our families at home? Is the reverse correct as well? Our time can look like a teeter-totter, back and forth, with one end up in the air and the other down on the ground. We can be receiving one promotion after the next at work. Our day can be filled with important tasks and meetings we must accomplish in order to meet certain demands. At what cost, however, does this effect our families? Do you find yourself asking, ‘where did my time go’ or ‘I wish I had more time with my children.’ Do you feel the tug that your family has come a distant second to the pressures weighing on your shoulders at work? Do you find yourself sacrificing ‘me’ time? Are you experiencing distance, resentment, arguments with your spouse or children? Do you feel in bondage to your work hours, wishing you had more freedom to live that higher quality of life? Here are a few steps to achieving that:

1) Make a list of the tasks that are needing to be accomplished instead of trying to remember them all in your head.
2) Prioritize your tasks in the number of importance of being fulfilled.
3) If there are tasks that can be delegated out, pass the torch; this will free up more of your time.
4) If there are tasks that do not get accomplished for the day, make them your top priority for the next day.
5) Allow yourself to be flexible with your time and open to change, you may find you have more time in between meetings or tasks to fit another task in.
6) Put family first before work responsibilities. Schedule work time around your family.
7) Schedule time for yourself. spouse, and children that is strictly for you and them.

For more tips and strategies in prioritizing your time while increasing value in your relationships, please listen by clicking here, How Much Growth Would You Like To See In The Next 12 Months? or by reading content by coach and mentor, Dani Johnson by visiting

Why didn’t you tell me!?!?!

Communication, my definition: the opening of one’s mouth to another in a verbal process of relaying information. Wikipedia’s version: from Latin “communis”, meaning to share) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. Everyday, communication signals are exchanged from one person to another, but is it truly heard by the other person?

When you decide to communicate and exchange information with your boss, a co-worker, your spouse, or even your child, how do you know that they heard the message you intended to share? How many times have you said something and the task wasn’t completed, or the message given was, ‘lets talk about that later?’ How did that make you feel? Did you feel validated that what you said was important and was heard by that person? Do you feel that you are that broken record that needs to repeat something 900 times or is accused or assumed not to have said something when really you did?

Communication barriers can be tough. When you are not heard you probably don’t feel honored or that the person was honoring and respecting your wishes and desires. Here a few simple tools to tear down the walls and open the lines to communication:

1) Allow yourself to be a ‘safe’ place for others to come to: Don’t be guarded and be willing to listen to what the other person is saying.

2) Be willing to step aside from the task or activity you are doing: If you are in the middle of a task, put it down for a second. If you are plugging into technology, turn the volume down long enough to hear what the person relaying the information is wanting to share with you. If it’s not a good time to talk, validate them in that you are wanting to communicate, but the timing isn’t right. Proceed to schedule a time that the two of you may talk with one another and honor it by sticking to that time, even if it’s not convenient for you.

3) Validate what the person is saying: This is a simple step that really makes the other person feel honored. You can validate that person by simply saying, ‘Okay, I hear you saying this, is this what you meant?’ If you are still unclear, don’t assume, be willing to ask questions of that person until the two of you are on the same page. Assuming can lead to an argument, but asking questions is a way of clarifying.

4) Eliminate yelling information to someone else that is in a different room than you: If the person you desire to communicate with is in a different room than you, walk over to the room they are in and share what it is you have to say. Often times there is traffic in the common areas; phones are ringing, copies are being made, the television is on, laundry is going, etc. Make sure you are in the same room as that person. If that person is on the phone or in a meeting, come back in a few minutes or wait a second until that other person is able to concentrate on what you are saying.

5) Make eye contact: Nothing says communication like good eye contact, it shows the other person that you are actively engaging in your listening.

6) Make time: Communication may not always be so simple and sometimes it takes a few extra minutes. Be willing to make time to communicate, schedule it into your calendar if you must.

Communication is a simple tool if applying these tips. For more information on developing solid communication skills and methods, listen to this: Are You Making This Money-Sucking Mistake Online? OR visit where you can learn strategies in improving communication skills with relationships in your everyday life.

I’m late, I’m late….iconic or ironic how time slips us by???

Do you ever hear that buzzing and pounding sound of your alarm, only to wake up and realize how late you are? You wake up wondering where that extra 15 minutes went that you had previously set your alarm for. Chances are, in that 15 minutes, you probably hit your ‘snooze’ button you hit your alarm button an average of 3 times (most alarms go off every 5 minutes when you hit ‘snooze’). Of course, this happens on day that you had the most ‘important’ meeting in the history of your work career and now you have lost a precious 15 minutes of your life. Time is of the essence as you are attempting to figure out how to get through shower, get dressed, grab your morning coffee, get the kids ready, figure out the days plans, pack lunches, and get to work in half the time. Days like these nothing seems to go right no matter how well your intent. It is a race against time, an unforeseeable rat race, a vicious chain and sequence of events; take a moment to think, if you are in a hurry, that must mean everything in perpetual motion is now in a hurry, kids, husband, work alike.

How often is your day like this? Has this habit taken form in other areas of your life? Are you finding it a continual frustration of hurrying from one destination to the next? Are you noticing time having a negative impact on your relationships in your life? What if this stressor could be eliminated giving you more time with your kids, your spouse while having ‘your’ quality time back and increasing your income? What if there was just one key, one strategy to unlocking unlimited success in your life? The key to answering all of this is simple, time management.

What does time management mean to you? Time management for you might mean eliminating stress, cutting out a few extra hours of your work week, having a date with your children just you and them, being able to go on a date night with your spouse. Here are a few simple steps that can be taken to develop positive time management habits:

1) Wake up earlier: If you know you are someone that hits the ‘snooze’ button at least 3 times, set your alarm an extra 15 minutes earlier and allow yourself that extra 15 minutes to wake up in the morning.

2) Plan for your day the night or week before: Decide what you are going to wear the night before, lay your clothes out for your children as well. If you are able, pack lunches the night before. Set your coffee pot the night before. Have school bags and brief case ready the night before.

3) Create a tracking system: Tell your appointments where they need to go Write down your appointments in a planner or schedule them in your phone and set a reminder. This is a good way to remind yourself of your next appointment, set your reminders ahead by 5 minutes, giving yourself ample time to get to the next task.

4) Meal plan: Meal planning saves time and it also saves money. You can find all kinds of recipes in Pinterest or on the Internet. I recommend cooking your meals on the weekends and breaking them down into weekly plastic containers that are easy to pre-heat on nights or days that you have many tasks planned. This will eliminate an hour of your day that you are cooking and will allow for that extra hour with your kids and spouse. You will also find that you are making less runs to the store which cuts costs on gas and time that you would normally spend at the store weekly.

5) Make time for yourself: You work hard during the week and noone is more ‘worthy’ of rewarding themselves than you! Set aside 30 minutes a day to relax, whether reading a book, taking a walk, soaking in the tub; whatever rewards you for your labor. You will thank yourself and feel less stressed. You will also notice others around you are no longer feeling your tension.; this will improve on the quality in relationships you have around you.

6) Make a task list: Make a list of the things you need to do the week or night before. Don’t get so absorbed, however, that you need to ‘conquer’ your list in a day. Instead take one task at a time and don’t forget to PRIORITIZE. Ask yourself, ‘does this need to be completed now or may I reserve this for later?’ Also, don’t panic if your entire task list is not checked off and completed for the day! Guess what!?!? Not completing your task list for the day means you are human!!! Allow yourself what I call, the ‘grace’ card. RELAX, take a deep breath, pick the top 3 things that need to be done for the day and remember to still reward yourself with that 30 minutes that I aforementioned above! The best part about tomorrow is that your task list will still be there. The next day you can pick three new things that you still need to get done that are next in priority. Pretty soon, you will realize how simple it was to get through your tasks and you won’t feel as stressed to complete them! Surrender and let go of the control, for tomorrow will have worries of its own.

7) Let go of control, learn to ride the waves of life: Not everything will always go according to plan. Why??? There is a funny notion called, ‘LIFE’; it’s the real deal and it does often happen to the best of us. Remember to take a moment to slow down, breathe in, and exhale, your stress is not worth negatively unleashing on to others. You cannot be there for others, if you aren’t able to be there for yourself first. Sometimes we get so lost in helping others, we forget to take care of ourselves. Learn to embrace daily changes and let go and delegate where necessary. You are not the ‘fixer’ and ‘doer’ of all things as my coach and mentor, Dani Johnson often says! If you feel you are these roles, then let go and resign from them!

8) Learn how to motivate and encourage those around you: Help others to get what they want and they will give you what you want! Not everyone will respond or lead the way that you want them to. Learn what makes those around you happy. Take a moment to encourage one or two people around you a day that you normally may not strike up a conversation with. Let them know that you appreciate them and value their time. All people in your life want to know is that they are ‘special and important’.

Time management represents FREEDOM in your everyday life. To learn more on how you can improve your skills with time management, visit this link and learn from mentor and coach, Dani Johnson, Set Priorities, Manage Your Time, and Live a Better Life.

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