Self-Image Regarding Your Finances (Part I)

A word to encourage you with today my friends. I want to address with you an area of self-image, your finances. You might not think that the two go hand in hand, but they absolutely do.

Ponder a few questions with me for just a few moments. Concerning your finances, do you find yourself frugal and always looking for the deals? Do you shop only the clearance racks of the stores and nothing else? Do you buy things you really want or only things that can get you by?

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Living The Life….

Hey friends, I was thinking about you today and wondered how your year was going? Are you designing what you want your life to look like financially speaking? I know on our Facebook page, Tara Cherie, we have been posting videos about better managing your time so you are having more overall balance. Did you know your time and money go hand in hand? Are you spending both time and money the way that you are wanting to? Are there things you are wanting to accomplish, achieve or do, but are wondering where you are going to come up with the money in order to be able to do or accomplish them? Are you tired of just scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck with your money telling you where to put it instead of you telling money where to go?

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Game Planning: The Vision In Visionary

How many times does another year pass you by and you still have things to do on your bucket list that did not get accomplished? If this is you, don’t beat yourself up or focus on what you didn’t get accomplished or done! Though it’s easier said and done, remember what you choose to have your mind focused on is what you become good at! Your goal is to achieve and accomplish goals, not to get stuck in a rut throwing yourself a pity party! There is still 4 months before the end of 2014 and it’s crunch time to make it count! Who says you can’t get your goals and desires accomplished this year in the next 4 months!?! Throw that negative thinking out the door, it’s time to get a new attitude and mindset!

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Breaking The Bondage: An Overcomer…

crossroadsI was at a crossroads, overcoming or full on implosion, letting everything I had worked for consume me. The clock was ticking and only I could make that choice. How could I have been so selfish to think I had really been helping others including my own family? I was a short circuited mess, a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Something was really not right with this picture.

Right away I went into my prayer closet to ask God what needed to change in me to thrive and succeed the way I truly desired to. Certainly I would be required to walk in a higher measure of faith. Our society teaches us that we must work hard to have the life we want and that God only helps those that help themselves. Though we are called to serve through our work and our efforts, it is not by our own strength and efforts that we excel, but in the hands of our Lord, the very one who breathed and gave us life.

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