Clarification: Autism Awareness (Part 2)

Hey friends, earlier in the week I posted about our daughter’s recent testing for Autism Spectrum and bringing awareness and clarification to this matter. I had mentioned how in this post I would be discussing how Autism Spectrum can be an actual blessing. Believe it or not, Autism can be a blessing! ‘Most’ children and adults that ‘fall’ on the Autism Spectrum are more hypersensitive. Hypersensitivity can be sensitivity that effects their touch, senses, smell, sight, and sensitivity to certain sounds or noises. What this means is that these individuals experiencing hypersensitivity, are ‘tuned in’ at a deeper level, meaning they can sense at a level that is deeper than most individuals. Case in point, whatever the individual naturally excels at, they will excel at it with a deeper level and passion. This individual will actually master their gifts because they are that ‘focused’ on naturally achieving it. It is not because they are ‘obsessing’ about it, it is because this is how they are naturally ‘wired’. These individuals are ‘wired’ for success in what it is their gifts are in a hypersensitive way. Most individuals who are higher functioning for this reason, are seen as unusually talented and intelligent.

Often times those that fall on the spectrum may be mistaken and perceived as socially awkward because they are that ‘focused’ on themselves and their own personal gifts. They are far from being selfish or fixated on themselves. The reason for this perception at times is because in their minds, the ‘social cues’ that most naturally pick up on, are perceived as blank in the minds of those that fall on the spectrum. This is the case so much so, that many social cues are missing and must actually be taught and developed by trained specialists and also by caregivers, parents, and loved ones. It takes a team, stability, and consistency to bring a solid balance to both social and intellectual cues, which the average person is normally born with.

The hypersensitivity that our daughter, Michaiah, is facing merely means that the gifts she does exhibit she will thrive and excel with and that she is extremely intelligent. There are actually behaviors and cognitive cues that she has are ahead of the ‘average’ child her ‘age group’. This may be the same case for others that fall on the spectrum. Depending on where they fall may effect the number of areas that they test ‘above’ or ‘average’ in.

We are expanding this blog post to include a 3rd part, in which we will discuss what causes Autism and what we is parents are doing to help our daughter and others to overcome and bring further awareness! Until next time……..

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