Clarification: Autism Awareness (Part 3)

Continuing from our last post regarding Autism awareness, we here at Tara Cherie want to share with you information regarding the causes of Autism Spectrum and what we are doing to help our daughter and others to overcome.

The Causes of Autism:

Autism is becoming more and more common and though it is not fully understood what completely causes it, though there are theories as to why this is, a huge component is environment and genetics. It is my understanding and belief that elder generations may not per se be full-blown ‘Autistic’, but may fall on the ‘spectrum’ if tested and may not realize they have it because they have not either been tested themselves, misdiagnosed, or previously evaluated, but not enough diagnostic measures were taken or there was not the criteria met to confirm the individual falling on the ‘spectrum’.

Many advances have been made especially over the last few years and more services offered (i.e. occupational, speech, physical therapy, services in and out of school now at an early intervention level; infant through 5 years to help correct in addition to school IEPs to confirm more accurate diagnosis). Note that it is common amongst relatives and can be passed down. At this time we are unaware of anyone on either side of the family who had any form of Autism, however, if the adults in our family were tested, it is a possibility that as adults, one could be confirmed to fall on the ‘spectrum’.

What we are doing to help our daughter Michaiah and others overcome:

First know this… I do not share information about our daughter or Autism in order to gain your pity, empathy, or sympathy. I share this to educate so that you are aware of the complexity of Autism. Also, now that you are aware, my hope with this post is you take the time intellectually to process this information without judgment. My goal is also that children with any confirmed ‘disorder’ are no longer ‘labeled’. Children should not be ‘labeled’ as ‘different’ nor treated ‘different’ or seen as ‘abnormal’, they are still equally gifted and no child should ever have to deal with comparisons or discussed behind their back. God made each child ‘unique’ for a reason with a certain genetic DNA and has called each child on this earth for a vision and purpose. Some of the brightest scientists, actors/actresses, musicians, politicians, doctors, etc. have technically fallen on the ‘spectrum’, but you would never know.

With more schools providing early intervention, it is my prayer and hope that more children are assisted and taught how to overcome adversity and that weaknesses are made strengths, and the development is fostered and each child excels at his/her best potential ability as they journey throughout life. Every child should be afforded and given the opportunity to thrive and become ‘someone’ in life. Michaiah may have more to overcome and we ‘may’ have to work with her in a ‘unique’ way to help the ‘gaps’ to ‘click’, but it’s up there and with time, assistance, supports, proper channels in place, we are confident she will only continue to excel and overcome. This is the same with others who fall on the ‘spectrum’ as well.

What can you do to help bring awareness:

Please consider thinking twice before assuming you know about a disorder. Instead, take time to ask questions and better understand. Disorders do not define children, children are still their own unique little selves regardless and have a special set of gifts to share if you are willing to slow down and learn! Thank you for allowing this post to be a safe place to share my heart with you today! Love each of you!

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