Competition or a calling??? (Part I)

This last Sunday at church, I was in deep prayer as I heard this message that I am about to share with you! The message is particularly a powerful one as to why we should not compete and compare ourselves to others.

***Disclaimer: Now, before I go into this message, I realize not every viewer is a ‘believer’ of Christ. We still encourage and invite you to read this message for interpretation and understanding purposes. We want to meet you where you are at and what you believe in. We do not wish to offend you or trample on your beliefs, so if this is not for you, we completely want to honor and respect that about you. We encourage you to move forward and seek content that will fulfill you in a different way.

If you are a believer, we encourage you to read this message as we believe it may shed insights for you and you too will grow and come to a deeper understanding of what Christ desires to do particularly in you and through you if you are willing and desiring to be used as His child and soldier for His kingdom and glory’s sake.

Friends, most of us enjoy a little friendly competition from time to time. Friendly competition is a means of holding one another accountable and bringing out the best in one another by means of a challenge. What happens, however, one the other gets ahead of the other??? Does the challenge ‘sometimes’ go too far?? When the competition tends to get ahead and one is excelling over the other, sometimes comparisons begin to be made. Think about a time that, for example, that you were in a competition with someone or maybe you are now. Maybe you are in a situation that you keep tabs as to how much further ahead the other person is than you. If only you could get ahead, then you would be better positioned.

Whoa, the competition we see just got out of hand, it has become an obsession right? If you don’t get ahead then you feel defeated and condemned. You might even think thoughts as to, ‘Why are they so far ahead and I am not?’ You might even feel like, ‘When is God going to promote me, it has been way too long…why are things so slow? I don’t feel like I am getting ahead at all.’


You may be a parent of a child that you have groomed in quite a few sports. You realize the other team is ahead. What would that do to your pride if your child didn’t catch up with the other team?? It might be all over for you and your child. After all, failure is not an option, success is. Your child knows that if they lose, it is the end of the world and all your child’s fault. They know they need to be the star that wins the game. Your child knows all the strategies you taught them so they ‘must’ succeed if they aren’t to be written off in your book and yelled at for the next several hours.

Take a moment to think about this…why is it that you are pushing your child to their limits??? Why is it their fault??? What is this teaching them and doing to their self-esteem??? What if I were to share with you, that our ways are not meant to be our ways, but God’s ways. We should keep our eyes on God and what His expectations are for us and even our children. God has a purpose for our life, but are we really listening or walking in the ways of what it means to exist and be??

Colossians 2:8 says, ‘Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers[a] of this world, rather than from Christ.’

We can see here that nothing that you do, can ever change God’s heart about you! No matter how many times you win or lose, get ahead or behind God already views you as a success; meaning you have nothing to prove to Him. He chose you so you so to speak already have God’s sealed of approval on your life. How??? Simple, He called you for a purpose, His purpose and you are meant to not do, but just ‘be’! Be willing to allow Him to work in you and through you so that His purpose for your life comes to pass. One thing is for sure, we are called to be more like-minded in Christ.

What does it mean for us to be more like-minded in Christ???

Stay tuned until next time…

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