Dreams Aren’t Meant For A Shelf Life!!!

Friends, I just want to share that the Lord is really orchestrating some things and I can’t help my excitement levels for Him and all He is doing!!!!

What does this mean for you?? Well, it’s quite simple and something I want to encourage you with today.

You know, sometimes things don’t happen right away for a reason. The Lord is really checking to see your level of commitment and if you are willing to weather not seeing the breakthrough right away! The bigger something is sometimes the more time and effort we have to be willing to sow to bring in that level of a harvest!!!

I have been working on this project two years and I am just now seeing the momentum and what He is doing with all of this and this only scratching the surface!!!! I feel like a little kid on playground equipment!

My point is, He knows your heart and your desires and if big things are being laid on your heart, it’s never too late to go after it! No matter how big or how small the obstacle, challenge yourself to take that plunge and leap of faith, I promise it really is worth it if you are just willing to take that step, that’s the first part of your decision and the direction and what to do will come! Believe me, I am living proof it does really work!!!

Sometimes you have to be willing to steer the course and be patient with a good attitude. You have to be willing to go where very few people are willing to go. Despite the opposition, the criticism, the not knowing, you must set your mind apart from that of others and make that determination, you are going to go there anyway knowing that God has laid this desire on your heart in this season for a reason!

I can share with you from personal experience that I am so glad I was willing to be entrusted with the little things, weeks and weeks of putting my heart into this, I am just beginning to see the results! Where would I be going and better yet where would this project be going had I given up? What would happen to all the people I am meant to help, if I tossed my dreams aside and threw them away? What would have happened had my vision perished? It took great faith to stay the course as it will you.

Are you ready to weather this season of growth and challenge? Is there something deep inside of you that is wanting to reach the surface? What if you were purposed to be a light on a hill to others? Is there a talent that you are considering going after? Is your life your own or is there something you deeply want to share with others that you are 100% passionate about? Why are you waiting????

Your dreams are worth going after!!! Believe in yourself enough, that you are worth while and begin to take that step in the right direction. One step at a time is all it takes, you can do it and I believe in you! Until next time…

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