Fishers Of Men: Casting The Vision

It’s a brisk, early morning, as the sun is slowly rising. You awaken to the scent of heavenly, brewed fresh coffee in your coffee cup. This morning you will have a fresh cup of coffee to go in the mug on the drive to the lake. You wake up excited anticipating the idea of having a coffeefresh catch of fish as the evening meal. You have all your bait lure, your tackle box, and you are reaching the dock to get into your boat. The water is pristine, calm, and clear; the ultimate weather for catching fish.

You have a particularly perfect place in mind to cast your pole in the water. You have an idea as to how many fish you’d like to catch that day. You begin to create a plan of action mentally that will allow you to obtain your own personal goal. You wind the reel and cast the pole in the water and patiently wait to see the pole tug. You notice that the pole is not tugging and begin to question, was it the right spot, did you use the right lure, was the pole positioned correctly? Your mind races with thoughts. Do you persist or do you quit? Are you consistent with how many times you cast the pole or do you cast it once hoping the fish will be caught and if you don’t catch it, then it wasn’t meant to be or it doesn’t work?

My friends persistence and long suffering can mean all the difference in the world as to what fish or how many fish you catch. The truth is the pole could be in the right position, you are in the right spot to catch the fish, but you weren’t patient enough to see the action that would lead to the fruition of the fish actually being caught. Maybe the truth is one or two more timespatience of you casting the pole would have led to the same result in catching fish. Why cast the pole if you don’t even known whether or not a fish will be caught? After all, there is no guarantee that casting the pole will mean dinner that evening, but you make the decision to cast the pole in the water anyway. You do this because you have faith that if you cast the pole baited with lure the fish will come. You don’t know what kind of fish, how many fish, or if you will have enough fish for dinner that night. All you know is that in good faith and the action of casting a pole, if you consistently cast the pole enough times and remain persistent fish will be caught. No matter how good or how horrible your skill is in catching fish, the number of times the pole is cast is bound to create some sort of momentum leading to the result of fish being caught. Numbers will always outweigh any form in skill especially if you remain diligent, bound and determined to catch the evening meal!

Casting your pole to catch a fish can be analogous to casting your vision. Your vision can be your purpose behind what you do and why you are doing it hoping you achieve your result. visionHowever, it is one thing to have a vision, but another to be intentional in taking action steps towards your goal, in other words casting your pole, your vision. The action plan of your vision ensures that you will reach it if you don’t give up to soon, if you don’t quit, and you fight the good fight in faith. This means not giving up on your vision because it does not happen in your timing or the way that you thought it should. It means continuing to move forward even if you haven’t reached your breakthrough, It means knowing your reward is on the other side if you keep pressing in doing what is in front of you. It means changing your choices, your habits, and learning how you can prosper where you are planted. There might be a skill or tool that you are missing, but if you learn how to improvise in imperfection and use what you have, what is in front of you, with some persistence you will reach your vision, your goal. Don’t give up my friend, you are designed to succeed, it is in your DNA!

I have a word to share that was stirring in my heart, here goes…’We do not grow weary, we stand fighting the good fight of faith. We are not only embraced with vision, but we are visionary. Our vision is not made clearly nor the path paved until we ‘CAST’ our net. We do not fret if the fish does not catch the bait, instead with supplication, persistence, and arduous netpatience we rest, remain still, and wait for the fish to suck the lure that will be OUR catch, our reward provided from the one above who knows and sees all. If the fish does not catch the bait, we ‘CAST’ the net again knowing our vision will be duplicated and multiplied to those of us that are faithful, who trust and submit in thanksgiving. We, are the fisher’s of men who dream dreams and visions. Our vision is cast and our light is exposed for all to see. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will come to us to be discipled, taught, and equipped. Our obedience and willingness of the heart will be rewarded with treasures from heaven, a bountiful harvest, WE are a light on a hill to be treasured for all to see’. Whoever reads this, this is for you and you were meant to hear, receive, trust, and believe your actions were meant to inspire, to cast YOUR vision! BELIEVING IN YOU!

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