In Lieu Of What’s Missing, Prosper Anyway!

Hey friends! I was just thinking about you and realized that I hadn’t done a blog post dealing with food and time management in a REALLY LONG time. I was inspired to write this tonight after I made a special treat for my family and it dawned on me to share this with you.

Do you want to be entrusted with more territory? I know I do! It starts with being entrusted with the little things even in your pantry/kitchen. Our family wants to be increased with more and it’s really been laid on my heart to truly be sure we are not wasting food by throwing it away because it got too old and we didn’t eat the leftovers or some of it started getting moldy so I threw it out, that kind of thing. I must confess, in the past this is what happened in our house from time to time even though I have been diligent in meal planning and shopping with what is only on our list! I really was convicted to stop letting cash go in the trash, especially when it came to food!

So, I have been taking left over ingredients and ‘googling’ creative ways to use ingredients that were going ripe or starting to go the other way in our house. I know what I am about to share is not on our family’s eating plan completely, but I do believe the Lord will honor our hearts for not wasting food. This evening, I took over ripe blueberries that were starting to become wrinkled, left over unsweetened applesauce that I had made from boiling apples that had been sitting in the fridge waiting to be used in place of a banana (I only had one banana so I improvised), and one brown banana. Instead of using vegetable oil I used coconut oil, instead of sugar I used natural sweetener. OMG, our house is smelling so delicious right now!!!

I used these ingredients what was supposed to be for banana blueberry bread and instead made a blueberry apple banana bread!!! I am so excited that we were able to salvage our ingredients and get creative in the kitchen! Besides now my family has a homemade delicious snack to enjoy the rest of this week!!! My husband will be so excited, blueberry bread is one of his favorites, I just added a special twist and improvised! Can’t wait for him to come home from work to a clean, deliciously smelling home and partake in this special treat!

The point of this message is being faithful with what ingredients and items are in front of you and use those things to prosper. Focus on what can be done about your situation, your dilemma, your life. Do not worry for tomorrow has worries of it’s own. Choose to live your life on purpose. There are resources right in front of you, there is a path if you are willing to look, if you are willing to go that extra mile and do what it takes. It doesn’t have to be as simple as a recipe created in the kitchen, this message can really be applied to every area of your life. This was one area, cooking/baking in the kitchen that really grabbed my heartstrings that I wanted to tweak, fine tune, and become better at. We should all desire to be good stewards in all areas of our lives. I encourage you to go for excellence, to forgive and give yourself grace when you fall short, but to give what is in front of you its best shot, prosper where you are at. You are in your season for a reason! This is not just the holiday season, it’s purposed for a reason. This season will require excellence and focus, but the refinement and change will be worth the refining process, I guarantee you that! There is so much to learn in your lessons if you take them to heart! I love you friend! Until next time….

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