Mind v. Business

Hey there friends! I was thinking about you and have something very special and dear to share with you about. What I am about to share with you is regarding one of my absolute favorite topics to talk about, ‘business’.

Now this message does not just apply to a business owner, this message can be for anyone with a career, a job in the home or out of the home, or even the roles you play as a parent or spouse; these too can be seen as ‘work’ related. Your mind and how you work are completely correlated and related. What does the mind have to do with running a successful business, company, or even family??? EVERYTHING! Have you heard the saying, ‘you are what you think?’ This is a very cliche question, but there is so much truth to it…think for a moment…

Are you feeling in a rut or a funk and you simply cannot explain why this must possibly be? Are you living life like it is a mundane routine and you can’t figure out why or what needs to change? Are you lost and unhappy about where you are with life and looking for a change, for a new chapter?

I came across this message from one of my greatest mentors, Sandi Krakowski, in my email the other day and was thinking about those of YOU that may benefit from reading this article, she personally wrote. I wanted to be the first to share with you in case you hadn’t yet had the opportunity to read this article….

You may even feel that everything is going well and that this may or may not apply to you…as a great reading resource, you may want to read it and consider passing it to someone else….

Your food for thought today from me to you.

Here is the link to have a read: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/243953

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