Moment Of Wisdom (Part I)

Moment of wisdom: I was not always the most patient individual; especially when it came to purchases. I was a very impulse buyer and sometimes ‘wants’ were ‘needs’ even though technically they were still ‘wants’! I have really prayed to slow down and use discernment and also to give myself a window of time to see if it is really what I want. Instead of taking away now from living expenses, I now save for purchases that I truly want and budget for what the needs are if a ‘true’ need really arises unexpectedly. I now have wisdom and clear distinction as to what a ‘need’ vs. a ‘want’ really is!

Sometimes what feels and seems is perfect is only instant gratification, it’s not the ‘real’ deal. Just yesterday, I could have easily have fallen into the deception of what I ‘felt’ I really ‘needed’ to have. Instead, I chose to walk away as hard as it was and to WAIT! Tonight the wait was completely worth it. In fact, it will be impacting our financial future in an amazing way! The decision to wait actually put money back in our pocket to live on and invest into wisely. Sometime’s the word ‘wait’ can feel as a let down to our flesh and what we think we want.

My friends, I am here to share that often times what we ‘think’ we ‘want’ and what our heart truly desires are two different things. Sometimes it’s better to have the ‘need’ and ‘want’ met with something that is truly worth your while instead of settling for less. This whole process and what happened was such a divine connection. I would have missed more than one opportunity if I had not waited and it would not have been God’s best for me or our family. God’s best is non-conventional and cannot be placed in a box with barriers. With God, He is infinite and likes to bless you with what your heart treasures most. I am so thankful that God is my true Abba and He desires to bless our family with the best and He most certainly did. I am not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, but just know my heart is truly filled and when it is time to share, believe me, we will be blasting you with a video!!! We cannot wait! Stay tuned for another side message pertaining to this post.

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