One Step Forward, Two More Back (Part II)

Our morning is not going to go as planned. We are in stand still traffic and now two emergency vehicles have passed us by. Our daughter is going to be late to school and I am going to be fortunate if I arrive home to my work appointments on time. The tension is magnified and it’s time I do something with this negative energy that is overwhelming my mind. I breathe in and then release a BIG long sigh…

It’s that moment…

The moment I can either panic or that moment I decide to surrender to the Lord. I look back and our daughter is undoing her pigtails and making a mess in the back seat. If I don’t adjust my attitude, I am going to lose my temper. It’s not her fault, she is being 3.

I give myself a timeout and decide to surrender everything that I am thinking and feeling to Him, to God. I cry out to Him simple words, ‘Father, I need your help. I cannot do this. I have faith and I believe you have what it takes to shift the mountains, to move this traffic when it seems like an impossible task. You are bigger than this, you are a BIG God. God shift this traffic and help your people!’

All of a sudden, the traffic began moving. I get to the exit near where I drop our daughter of at school. The highway inches to one lane. I look to the right and their is a 6 car accident, 2 of which the vehicles will be completely towed, there is no salvaging them. I looked to see if anyone was hurt, but to my astonishment, no one was injured! ‘Praise God! You protected your people,’ I shouted! What was once an intense moment was now a sigh of relief and a moment of prayer. I encouraged our daughter to pray with me for the protection of all that were on the road this morning.

‘Thank you God that it was not us in that accident,’ I said. ‘Thank you for protecting all involved and thank you for protecting us from being in that accident. Thank you for encouraging me to leave early this morning.’ We arrived at the school and though our daughter was late for class, the staff was incredibly understanding. Thank goodness she did not miss more school.

When I proceeded to leave the school and approach the highway, what seemed like clear traffic and smooth sailing on my end was not so on the other side of the highway. I couldn’t even begin to share with you the number of miles the highway traffic was backed up. ‘Thank you God for making a way. Thank you God for encouraging me to pray. Thank you God that no problem is too big for you,’ I said.

I was so thankful you see that I took a step back. I had been so worried about nothing. Everything I worried about was so small when I realized that it could have been me. I still arrived home to all of my appointments on time. In fact, when I asked God to show me how to still get my tasks done and what He wanted me to do, He carefully numbered each of my steps. ‘Thank you God for all the little things, for making the impossible possible today, what a wonderful Father I serve,’ I said. The moral of this story is, everything still managed to get done. Though it was not in the original order anticipated. Instead of making it my day and about me, I took a step back to ask Him what He wanted for my day and He lined it all up. What could have been such a worse situation accident and all, ended up being a productive day filled with protection.

I encourage you that if you are having an off day today, be willing to give it up to Him. He is able, willing, and ready to take ahold of your burden so that your load is light. Let Him carry you. Ask Him for guidance and help today. Ask Him what He wants you to do today and to instruct you with the knowledge and the wisdom you are needing. I believe He is wanting to show you even more so how to lean on Him, trust Him, and rely on Him. He is your protector your guide, and in all things, you will see how you will be victorious and make it through your day because He is there beside you and He is your strength! Nothing is too great for Him. Lean not on your own ways, but acknowledge Him and His understanding and He will direct your path today! He has you and you are right where you need to be in this moment today! God bless, love you friends and until next time….

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