Overcoming Rejection (Part II)

Keep in mind that not everyone is meant to be in your personal circle and sphere of influence. Keep in mind that not everyone can go where you are going. There will always be people that are in support of you, but then there are also people who will pretend to be and people who are not. This is why it is important to be careful with who you open yourself up to, who you allow in your inner circle, and who you allow to hold you accountable. Make sure that the people you let in have wisdom, knowledge, and results in these areas that you are seeking advice from.

Also, be mindful to guard your mind and make a conscientious decision ahead of time. Prepare your mind for responses you might get. Realize you might have to choose what to receive from someone and not to receive. If it is something you do not wish to receive, it might very well be rejection from that person. Remember the rejection you are receiving from someone else is not a direct reflection or negative towards you. Sometimes the rejection stems from false hope, unfulfilled dreams and desires, and negative experiences on their end. Just because they lost their hope, vision, or encountered a personal negative experience on their end, does not mean you will encounter a negative experience on your end! When that person rejects you it is because of personal wounding on their end. You are not the problem, that is an issue they must personally work through on their end.

When you hear the negative reaction from someone you care about, it can be hard to hear it, however, you must make a decision not to receive. You can politely thank them for their input and switch subjects, move on to something else, and choose not to engage in the conversation any longer. If you are the praying type, consider taking it to prayer, release the burden off of your shoulder, and choose to remain positive, objective, and gather a second opinion from someone who has the results you are looking for. Know that when the time comes you will know what your stance is and where you are supposed to be. Timing is everything. The doors will open or closed as they are supposed to, in the mean time be willing to keep an open mind and know that there are good plans for your life, for hope, and a future. Until next time….

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