Priorities: Does The Wind Have Your Sail? (Part I)

Hey friends, how many of you are feeling challenged by priorities and obligations? I know we have talked about time management before and how to best use the time you have, however, I’d like to expand on priorities.

Why are priorities important? Priorities allow you to not only manage and balance your time, but they help you stay focused on what’s most important.

Remember, you are not all things to all people nor should you be. If this is you and you feel you have to fix, correct, and be there for everyone, this is false burden bearing; meaning you are carry luggage and other peoples’ burdens on your shoulders and it’s weighing you down! First, I must add false responsibility will never get you ahead. In order to even prioritize, I encourage you to give those roles back to those that you took it from and guide and direct others to individuals that can either assist them or to resources that will guide them accordingly. We must not fish for others, but teach them how to fish and be self-sufficient; this means taking care of you and modeling a healthy relationship and lifestyle and working on your own to be the best you can be!

You deserve a life filled with quality, not running yourself ragged and into the ground. You are better than this and so is your immune system, your sleep, the way you care for your body, and that time you have with loved ones and doing things you love is precious!

It is good and noble to want to be there for others, however, there comes a point that this can cross a negative boundary. It is not worth the emotional mess, bitterness, resentment, lack, control, and burnt bridges in your relationships anymore. It’s time to redefine who you are.

Relationships change, people change, ideals and values change as they are shaped in your environment, and for this reason you too make changes in order to respond and adapt to your environment.

I have an exercise for you. I want to ask you this very important two-part question. You have a map of your life and it is your job to design what that map looks like. If you were to draw out a map of your life right now in it’s present situation, what would that look like? Are you satisfied with where your ship is sailing going point to point in your map?

If the answer to this question is yes, then great I am totally happy for you and so proud that you are making your life your own! If this is not you and you feel like the ‘sinking ship’, I want you to take a deep breath and know that help is coming! You have left your arms flailing in the air wondering if help is coming, but it is. Our next post is going to elaborate on making the best of our time by prioritizing what that looks like…stay tuned to learn more about steering your ship and living the life you have dreamed about! Prioritizing will not only make things so much more simple for your life, they will allow you to have the quality and balance to your life so that the wind no longer gets blown out of the sail! Until next time….

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