Problem V. Opportunity (Part I)

It was just yesterday, the day after coming home from vacation in the wee hours of the morning. I was sure this was going to be the day I would catch up. Of course, I had my day perfectly planned of exactly what I would do, one step at a time…and then it happened…

I had been driving on the highway in stop/start traffic when a kind woman in the lane next to me signaled for me to roll down my window and notified me that my rear tire on the driver’s side was extremely low. I, of course, had 500 things running through my mind…I could not believe this was happening on my catch up day. I took a deep breath and made a decision to redirect my focus. Nothing was worth robbing my joy and positive attitude over.

I dropped our daughter off at school and proceeded to the oil change place we often use. Our family had been building a relationship with them over time. I pulled in and waited for them to serve me. This was the perfect time to ask, ‘Lord what is it you want for me today?’ I allowed the service lady to take a look at my vehicle. Thank goodness the kind woman on the high way had acknowledged my tire otherwise I would not have realized I needed filters changed, oil changed, system flush, nor noticed the leak that was in the tire. Just sitting in the shop, my tire had already lost 5 lbs of air.

Why was this happening??? I could have asked that question and most would probably ask a question such as this after it happened to them. Instead, I chose to take the fact that I was behind schedule, not able to make my calls or play catch up, and decided to embrace the fact that it was opportunity to bless others and to see how the Lord would show up in my life and the lives of others today.

To be continued….





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