Problem V. Opportunity (Part II)

The positive to being in this shop, I was able to identify a need and fill it. The lady serving me had been wanting to get in touch with someone that sells the type of vehicle she is looking for. I was able to refer her to the person we bought our last vehicle from. She, in turn, gave us 10.00 off and 20% off our entire bill. I saved nearly 50.00 by just taking the time to cultivate a relationship with her. From there, I was able to still get to the appointments I had scheduled that day, and get our daughter from school. In between, I had somehow managed to get my tire looked at with a local tire store; they indicated the estimated wait time to be at least minimum 2 hours long. The availability to wait, unfortunately, was not there. I had appointments that I could not miss.

After our daughter’s appointment, I went to the other side of town. In between my appointments, I was able to have the same company, different location, take a look at the tire. I thought I was there to get air and continue on from there with my day. There were already waiting customers ahead of me, but the gentleman assisting me must have had compassion and fixed the tire for me anyway even with people waiting! Rather than charging me for an entirely new tire, he found the root of the problem, corrected the situation, and charged me NOTHING! My jaw dropped to the floor!

I finished running errands in time for company to arrive at our home. I was incredibly grateful for not having to wait for 2+ hours it would have originally taken to fix the car. In addition, I gave myself grace for my day not being my own and made a decision to order take out for our family. We had enough reward points that our food was nearly FREE minus delivery tip and tithe! I was still able to have time with my family, get caught up on some things around the home, and still was able to get my work in!

I write this post to share an important lesson with you. Again, I had every opportunity and excuse in the world to look at my day as ‘unfair’. I could have copped an attitude and use the entire day to complain. I could have whined about not getting my work done, but instead I did not. I made a decision to walk in joy and have peace, to listen, and to see what blessing there was in opportunity. Yes, the day did not go as anticipated, but as you can see, it was a blessed one. Had I focused on what was not going right, there would have been too much traffic to have heard the soft whispers and messages that others had to share. I would have missed divine appointments and opportunity to receive blessing. I could have missed the mark altogether, but I didn’t because I looked at my problems as opportunity for something positive to happen. I look for opportunity for transformation, growth, and patience and in these areas came blessing. I had to choose the way I perceived things, my entire thought pattern had to shift, and I had to be willing to leave the place of what I have been taught is ‘stinking thinking’.

I encourage you if you are going through some trials or where there seems to be challenge one thing after another. Look to heaven above and ask God this very simple question, ‘Lord what do you have in store for me today?’ Allow yourself to be still long enough to listen. Let go of the control factor of your own agenda. Let God do what He wants to do in your life. Chances are if you have been asking Him for some answers to some of your prayers, the off day could be your very chance for answered prayer and blessings. Remember the Lord is a gentleman. He is going to wait until you are finished fighting yourself. He will wait patiently for you to come to Him. When you make the decision that He is first and in control and you are humbled asking Him for help, that is when you experience the unexpected and walk a life that is of His kingdom; this is the place where miracles happen! Look at your problems as opportunity for God to bless you and others and remember: 1) God wants a relationship with us, 2) We can do nothing without him, 3) With Him all things are possible for you today! I believe in you! Until next

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