Ready To Take A Chance On Yourself?

Hey friends, I was thinking of you and came across this powerful message from one of my mentors, Sandi Krakowski. This message really hit home for me and I wanted to share with you; especially considering that our time should be purposed and mindful. Time is a valuable when you have a family, or have commitments, obligations, etc. If you are wanting to learn about purposing the time you do have available, please feel free to read this informative message!

Via Sandi Krakowski (her personal words):

I felt God say in my spirit today ‘Secret 63’ and I knew I had to share this with all of you! Print it out, carry it with you today. Something amazing is going to happen!!!


Have you ever had someone ask you how you are doing
and you responded with “Oh, staying busy,” or “I have so
much to do right now!”? Isn’t that a strange response?
Every day people are trying to do more. We have
schedules for this, planners for that, and timers to help
us wring every minute out of the day until the next thing
we know we are penciling in our bathroom breaks! Doing
more doesn’t make you more; it just makes you more

The real goal is to be more. God is far more interested
in who we become, who we do life with, and how we end
up. The thing is, as we focus on being more—looking into
our hearts and seeing what we need to fix so we can be a
blessing to more people—God will accomplish something
we never expected. Ironically, we’ll end up doing more
because we are now working with God rather than against
His plan.

When our focus is on others and how to serve them
and add value to them, it’s incredible how valuable we
become. When our prosperity is driven by how generous
we can be, it’s amazing how rich we become!

The thoughts of God toward you are higher than man’s
thoughts, higher than the enemies thoughts!

If you are in Christ, He has seated you in heavenly
places at the same time that you are walking on the earth,
and heaven calls for you to think higher thoughts, to be
more, and to go farther than you ever could on your own.
Instead of worrying about maximizing your productivity,
consider maximizing your faith. Don’t concern yourself so
much with filling up your To Do list. Give your energy to
a fulfilling purpose.

Today, think higher. Think as God thinks. See possibility
in very dark places. See potential in people who seem to
have given up. Turn your attention to where God wants
you to devote your time. Stop just being busy so you can

God asks us to take risks and promises to go through
it with us! Our mistakes don’t ruin His odds. He knows
how to clean up a mess!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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