Recharging Your Body And How…

It’s late in the afternoon.  Your body begins to become sluggish.  You can’t think clearly.  The simplest things you would normally remember are not so clairvoyant.  You know that you had dinner scheduled, but you cannot remember what you are making.  You meant to fill the juice cup for your child and 20 minutes later it is still not filled.  You knew you had a few tasks to still do for the evening, but forgot to write them down and most likely won’t remember them until the next morning.  Your emotions are high and the least little thing makes you annoyed or agitated.  You dream of going to sleep and laying your head on the pillow, but yet you are a bit disoriented.  Sound familiar?

These are classic symptoms of your body telling you that it needs to rest.  If you slow down enough to listen, your body will share with you not only the symptoms, but it will notify you of what it needs.  Think about it, if you need a glass of water you are thirsty.  How do you know you are thirsty?  Your throat feels dry, you might be a bit tired, and you might crave a glass of fresh water.  Your sleep patterns are the same way.  If you are the type of person that is constantly on the go, it is important to slow down and take some extra time to take care of you.  A little tender, loving care goes a long way to the body.  Your body needs time to reboot and increase energy levels.  Unless you take the time to slow down, it won’t be able to respond accordingly and repair itself.

A few tips to slow your body down:

1) Delegate all possible tasks for the day.  If there is someone that can get the job done more efficiently than you.  Edify that person by encouraging them and asking them to complete the task at hand for you.

2) Look at your schedule for the week.  Are there any extras that you can eliminate for the week OR is there extra time in your schedule that could go to you spending time alone that needs to be filled?  Alot of times there is extra time that goes unfilled maybe watching t.v. or doing an extra-curricular activity; OR there is too much time scheduled for an activity that you can always go back and reduce the amount of time that you spend on that activity so you can rest.

3) If you are a parent, trade responsibilities off with another parent.  In an ideal situation, there are two parents for a reason to help one another out.  Edify and build the parent up and ask if they would be willing to help you so that you can go to bed early that evening and return them the favor at a later date.  If you are a single parent, see if a friend or relative would be willing to keep your child so you can get a bit of a break.  Also, if you have older children that can help with the younger children, depending on the maturity level, allow them to help assist you.  This is a great way to teach your older children responsibilities.

4) Find time in the evening schedule and rest.  Do something for you for at least 30 minutes; whether that is a hot bath, a hot cup of tea, a book, something that you can be by yourself for a bit until you are refreshed.

5) Set your alarm 30 minutes to an hour earlier and commit to going to bed at that time.  Any duties you have can be arranged for the next morning.  Get as much done as you can before bed, but don’t forget it will be there in the morning time.

I hope this helps you get some much needed sleep so that you are refreshed!  If you are burnt out and stressed, please don’t forget to listen to your body!  Do you and your body that favor and REST!  You will be amazed at your energy levels the next morning and how much more in check and confident your feelings and emotions are.  You will feel much more balanced and I am sure others around you will appreciate your rejuvenated self!  It’s been a pleasure connecting with you today! If you want to learn more, please join us on Facebook at  You can also continue to plug in here at  God bless you!  I believe in you and rested you at that!  Until Next Time!

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