Rest And Let God Do The Rest

Rest has a simple meaning to it. There is something about rest that is rejuvenating. Rest has a way of breathing life back into us. Rest is literally a gift from God. After all, God did bless us with a 7th day of rest.

Think about it, when you enjoy something you love it’s not work so you feel more rested. When you eat the right foods to appropriately fuel your body, you sleep better and therefore are more rested. When you take time to spend with your family, you become more balanced and therefore are more rested. Naturally when you receive adequate and sufficient sleep, you are more rested.

More rest means better balance. More rest means lower cortisol levels in the body; this lowers the stress mentally and emotionally so you relax more. Rest increases your confidence in the daily functions you perform in the home and at work. Rest allows greater focus and attention to detail; aiding in your overall performance daily. These are just a few benefits of rest.

Rest may mean a power nap or setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier at night.  Rest may mean more quality time with family.  Rest may mean delegating and prioritizing tasks more.

When you rest, you are naturally choosing a higher quality of life. You are choosing to take control of your life by telling time how to work for you instead of you it. When you rest you are prioritizing what can wait and are deciding life is worth living a little. You are also choosing to surrender to God and allow Him to work out the details of your life. The stress of life can make you deficient. The gift of rest that comes from God adds necessary nutrients so that you become fortified and refreshed. God is wanting more for your life. After all, He is the great designer. The message is quite simple, friends just rest and let God do the rest.

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