Ridding Self of Coveting (Part II)

Last post we were discussing the definition of coveting and how it can take root in our lives. To rid ourselves of anything that could possibly be perceived as coveting is to stop looking at what others have and comparing your fruit to theirs. You may have been given the same opportunity to flourish, but you are in a different season or you might just have more to overcome, to learn from so that when it is time, you have the maturity, knowledge, and understanding to know what to do with what you have been entrusted with.

The time you spend learning and growing is often not fun; this is because you are being refined. When you are refined the impurities, the things you need to look at and work on in order to grow are exposed. Refining is a time of feeling extremely uncomfortable and dissatisfied with the things that you do not like about yourself that you know need to change. Change starts with you and it starts in you. To grow, you must start working on yourself and allow the things that were once you to be molded into something different until the desired change, result, is achieved in you. The change can take time and can hurt as the impurities are being removed back to a state of purity and the only way is to go through the fire or the storm to get to the other side. Welcome the fire and the storm because out of it, the transformation is taking place as you become a new you…no not an entirely ‘new’ you, but a more refined and polished you that has mastered new skills and undergone a process of change in the area you are wanting to get ‘best’ at.

To be tested means to be up for a promotion. Sometimes we are not given the instant gratification of a desire that is planted in us. We could be stirring and brewing inside, but the testing is what prepares our hearts so that when the time comes we do not lose what we have gained, instead we attain and we continue to prosper and grow. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to repeat the same lessons, seasons, and trials again; I want to pass my test! If you are you and you want to pass the test, then make it a point to go through the journey…allow your mind and heart to be worked on and be open to correction. Be open to removing the toxins and the things that have been holding you back in your life. Be willing to be transparent and reach out to someone who has the desired results you are looking for and connect; allow yourself to be held accountable and learn what it takes to change these habits or issues within so that you can mature, exhibit character and wisdom that gleans more. You are designed for more….look to the bottom line of what needs to change, what you need to learn from, so when the time comes, you ace that test! I believe in you…until next time!

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