Self-Image Regarding Your Finances (Part I)

A word to encourage you with today my friends. I want to address with you an area of self-image, your finances. You might not think that the two go hand in hand, but they absolutely do.

Ponder a few questions with me for just a few moments. Concerning your finances, do you find yourself frugal and always looking for the deals? Do you shop only the clearance racks of the stores and nothing else? Do you buy things you really want or only things that can get you by?

I want to share with you that there is nothing wrong with being frugal and finding the bargains. It can be fun to bargain shop. It also is a good thing if you are desiring to be a good steward of your finances in accounting for all that you spend and also from the stand point of being able to help others.

The concern is when you are so concerned with money that you spend that you may run out and not have it. This sort of thinking is a contributor to producing fear in you. When you don’t want to spend because you have fear that the money will not be replaced is a direct reflection of lacking confidence in yourself. It is okay to spend some and save some.

To be continued…stay tuned as we continue to expand on the topic of your finances and self image!  Until next time….



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