Slow It Down…What Are You In A Hurry For???

Hello there friends it’s good to be with you today! I just wanted to be transparent and share a little something with you that I think may just help someone to overcome today.

Recently, I had a little change and shift in one of the businesses my husband and I own. I had been making calls consistently. I had normal set business hours of operation. I even had a team of people that I was encouraging weekly and helping them to those next steps. Yet, I couldn’t figure out why the results had slowed down a bit. I knew I was following the process and I had even been plugging into the team training calls. I was completely stumped as to what this could have possibly been.

It was obvious, that moment of prayer, ah yes, I needed to submit myself and my cares to the Lord. I began to ASK Him for wisdom and help. What needed to be brought to my attention so that I could make the necessary corrections. Was something wrong with me?

The answer was simple, no nothing was wrong with me. The truth is, I was doing many things right. I was, however, too focused on the number of calls I made and creating results rather than asking God what He wanted from me in my daily tasks of making calls. I was rushing the process and not taking time out to build the relationship. The relationship is a key component to building any successful business. Without relationship in place, there is no foundation of trust and without that, there is no respect nor value, and certainly no business.

Wow, what if I would just have asked God to increase my connection ratios, increase my ratios in the interviewing process, and bless me with the time to connect with 5 to 6 people that needed to make serious changes? What if I changed my tone and pace of how I talked to these individuals, would they open up more to me? In doing so, would I better be able to identify what the true needs are? How can I help these people fill their needs?

All of a sudden, I noticed a shift in perspective from racing against the clock in time and decided to slow it down. There really was no hurry, other than the time I had allocated. More people helped may mean less calls and less numbers, but connecting may mean even greater results if I just slowed down. AND like MAGIC it happened…that moment where all your ratios go up and your relationship increases because you slowed down….

Slowing down meant listening, identifying the need, and seeing how to fill it. Slowing down meant genuineness and compassion, more people felt the connection and wanted to build the rapport. Slowing down meant candidates opened up more and you were able to have a longer more meaningful conversation. This just proves people do business with people that listen, that they can trust and count out and all for the sake of slowing down!!!

Moral of the post, if you are looking at building long lasting, meaningful relationships not even in business, but in your personal everyday life with people you meet family, or even friends, slow down and be willing to take a moment to listen. When a person senses you are in their corner, you will find them wanting to communicate, engage, and open up to you. You are needed and worth more than you could imagine, especially when you are an open light to others….don’t forget to slow down, pray, and ask how you can build those memories and relationship with others around you! Until next time….

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