Star Light, Star Bright, And Dream BIG!

Ever have one of those nights where you attempt to go to bed, but instead you lie wide awake? Instead of falling asleep you lie awake in anticipation and excitement of all the endless possibilities? Last night was one of those nights for me, a true moment of reflection. When I starlightwas a little girl, I remember lying awake for hours outside on a blanket and watching the stars in the sky. When a star decided to shoot in the sky, that was my moment to make a wish. Remember the saying, ‘star light, star bright, the first start I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might, make the wish I wish tonight?’ What child-like faith I had in the stars, that if one moved, it was destined that my wish would come true. If the star shot, then my wish must BE true right?

What if our faith in other areas of our life was that strong? When we are children, we are innocent and care free. We go with the flow and all things are absolutely possible. As children we are persistent, consistent, and determined. If one thing does not go our way, we get up and try again. We stop it nothing to see our dreams come into fruition. Our faith propels the ending result. We believe in what we want so much that we see it to pass. I think sometimes as adults, our vision and belief somehow dims a bit. To a degree, we have a certain measure of faith. Life happens however, we grow older, wiser, and are more cautious of jumping out and taking risks. We become more impressionable of others thoughts and ideas and we aren’t careful we allow ourselves to sucuumb. Maybe there is trial and tribulation and we forget it in the pile of things that are happening and don’t see how that goal or result is unttainable.

We get so weighed down that we lose sight of our dreams. We settle for what is logical and realistic. We are scared to dream as adults, experience tells us that there could be a possibilitydaretodream of disappointment, so we need to be ‘careful’ or ‘rethink’ what it is we want to do or be. What a shame it is when we waste time being something we really didn’t want to be. I don’t know about you, but I know alot of people that have jobs they don’t like, or they are living a life, job that someone else pictured for them. Maybe a parent or relative ‘squashed’ their dream to be or do. In fact, one incident in particular really stands out to me.

A friend of mine recently came to me all excited for her school-aged son. He had heard a commercial on the radio and with desire in his heart and vision in mind, asked his mother if they could call the radio station. Her son had an opportunity to act with a well-reknowned agency and if I told you who they were, you would know all about them!!! The first 200 boycallers would be able to reserve their spot for auditions. At first, his mother didn’t take it seriously and came up with excuses as to why she wasn’t going to call into the line. Her son reminded her of his vision and dream to act and to make money so that he could give to missions. He has a ‘huge’ heart to give to organizations and to set a model example for his generation. He wants so desperately to make a positive impact in his community. His mother finally agreed to call in, but with one stipulation, ‘If someone did not take her call within 5 minutes, she was hanging up!’ Wouldn’t you know, in 2 minutes time, someone took her call and her son was accepted for an audition.  His faith was that strong, he had a vision and he was determined to go after it! They would be required to drive a distance, but it certainly would be worth the tolls and mileage.  What a treasure he had in his mom; that she believed in him so much, she was willing to get out of the way of herself.  She put her concerns aside and put her son’s dream first.   He got to spend an entire morning learning the requirements and discipline of what it would take to fulfill his dreams. He saw multiple famous actors and had the opportunity to audition right in front of them! In fact, several of them were his judges for the day!

His mother received a phone call later that evening that he had been accepted for his second round interview. Apparantly 12 children were accepted per each age group and he was #1 for his age division! His mother could not have been more proud of him. His father had visitation arrangements with him that weekend, but his mother was willing to overcome that hurdle to see to it that he would make the second cut. His mother called his father to see if Head in Handsarrangements could be made, however, his father was not in agreement and squashed a rare opportunity that his son had to pursue acting. His mother had been willing to invest and did what it took to see to it he would be able to live by design and pursue his dreams. Fortunately, her son has not given up and is more determined now than ever that he will pursue his acting career, and his mother and I both believe in him and his ability! He is always making videos and knows how to entertain a crowd! I am so proud of him because he did not let a devastating moment stop him from going after his dream.

That day her son learned an important lesson in life, there will always be neysayers. The ones that think dreams and vision only happen to ‘special people’ therefore it couldn’t possibly be you. How wrong they could really be! There will always be ones that feel dreams are just dreams and are not able to be pursued. There will always be people that think your dream is nothing more than hope and fulfillment of a false promise. There will always be people that are jealous that it wasn’t them and are unable to be happy for you and your opportunity. You can’t convince everyone and not everyone will share in your vision.

Sometimes I think it’s better to sever the rope, there is no need for unnecessary baggage. Please do yourself a favor friend, don’t ever let one person squash your dream or vision. worthBelieve enough to believe in you!  You are WORTH it!!!  Being knocked down isn’t forever, it can be temporary or yet avoided. If you see something you want, don’t be afraid to go after it with all of your hope. The stars in the sky, they represent your dreams and chances are, if you are reading this and feel the tug in your heart, it’s because you are meant to do some pretty BIG things. In your DNA, you were created for success, not failure. There is a reason your dream or dreams has been placed in your heart. Your dreams are waiting to be activated. All you have to do is pursue them. When you lie there awake at night, embrace your vision and the possibilities. Know that with all a little hard work and a few steps forward, your destiny and your vision is waiting to explode friend! I believe in you, don’t be afraid to dream; dream BIG! Here is to your success, cheers!

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