What Worry? I am ‘Trusting’ (Part II)

Picking up from where we left off last blog post (for those that have not read the previous post, please be sure to go back and read so that you may follow along)…let me tell you a little something about worry. Worry is another word for Anxiety. Anxiety is excessive concern in something that brings on an emotional state. It can also come in the form of reasoning or continuously defending, justifying actions. Reasoning can be always trying to figure out something, always wanting to fix personal situations of self or others. When we operate in these things it can bring on confusion. When we are confused, we can experience a loss of clarity which in turn makes us vulnerable and highly susceptible to manipulation and deception.

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Where Is The Time Going??? (Part II)

Need a reality check of what too much work can do….

Too many hours at work and feeling that there is never enough hours leads to anxiety and stress. Stress leads to burn out. Burn out leads to nervous break downs, heart problems, strokes, heart attacks, self-loathing, resentment, rejection, bitterness, an unloving feeling towards self and others, perfectionism, idolatry, etc. Chemically speaking, your hormones can become improperly balanced. The chemicals that make you happy and calm such as Melatonin and Serotonin go down as Cortisol increases and causes negative emotions and reactions to things that would not otherwise normally bother nor effect you in such a way.

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Digging The Fork Deeper: Taking A Closer Look

The last couple of weeks, we have been discussing food and the importance of eating on a plan that is not only healthy eating, but is worth reaping the positive benefits of this long term lifestyle. We discussed the importance of not dieting, but rather making small term changes that will have lifelong benefits.

This week we are going to discuss temptation with cravings and how these side effects have revealed new revelation and manifestation.

I have now been back on a plan called Trim Healthy Mama for over a month, not quite a month and a half. I have lost now a total of 12 lbs. The weight loss is slow, but the energy and benefits of it as I have explained before are completely worth it.

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Fruit For Thought (Part IV)…

To get back on our eating plan or not to, that was truly the question at this point! After much discussion, it was clear that to restore our health to its former state and to rid ourselves of what had previously ailed us getting off plan, we were determined the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) was a must.

For this mama it was back to creating and designing sustainable meal plans on a budget. This also meant writing down grocery items on a list and only sticking to those items on the list! I confess, I had to get a bit creative. The less meals I made, but more of, the more we would save on the budget. Also the more meals that could be frozen, the better. This was a concept we had applied in our last home, but had depleted with the move; we simply could not take our frozen homemade meals with us, therefore, consuming them before we had moved.

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