True OR False…Sacrificing Everything For Success…

Are there areas of your life that you are truly wanting to succeed in? Maybe for the most part things are going just right in your life, but if there were an area to improve upon, would you be willing to do what it takes in order to see results in this area? Maybe you are stuck and you are looking for change and looking for a way to bring out the best in yourself and others? If you fit one of these areas…this message might be just for you to listen to. Here is a special message from my own corporate trainer and coach, Dani Johnson.

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The Lemon Tree That Did….

Need to be encouraged today? Here is something to encourage you with: Recently I received a lemon tree plant from one of my dearest friends. When she handed it to me it really looked like nothing. All that was there was dirt. All of my other container plants I was growing were prospering wildly; then there was this little container full of soil sitting there.

I almost dismissed it and threw it away. I almost wrote it off that maybe I should pitch it because it probably wasn’t going to grow anyway. By faith, I continued to check it on it daily holding on by a thread of hope, that perhaps it ‘might’ still have a chance. I was gone this weekend and when I returned, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The little lemon tree now had not just one, but TWO sprouts coming out from the soil standing tall as could be! I only doubted because I could not have seen the root system!

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Ridding Self of Coveting (Part I)

Just wanted to stop by and encourage you with a very timely message. How many of you are tired of making the same mistakes over and over? How many of you no matter how far you have attempted to overcome with the steps you have taken that you go through the same season or the same trial repeatedly? How many of you are ready to overcome this?

I really believe that it is not coincidence that you continue to encounter the same areas you are having difficulty with. You are right where you need to be on purpose in the moment that you are in.

You may not always understand why you are in the season you are in and maybe thought you had previously done everything you were meant to do in order to overcome that chapter of your life. You may have been extra diligent, asked for wisdom, the direction, and the steps every second of every minute.

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He Is A BIG Deal!

Hey friends, just a little heart felt message from me to you. I have been thinking about you today. I don’t care what your dilemma is or how impossible your situation is…we serve such a big God…ask Him and ask Him big, He is desiring to deliver to you big. I should know….we just received such an answer to our prayers today. My jaw hit the floor when I received this call. Three open doors on three different things in under three weeks! Actually 4 blessings have come so far! I am so humbled right now…and no I am not going to be taking ‘God’ out of my blog posts any time soon, He is the reason I believe and have the faith that I do. He is my father and Abba and our provider in all areas! My family and I would not be if it were not for Him. I will continue to praise Him and glorify who He is…when He shows up, it’s in a big way, He is a big deal! Some of you need to be reminded of how BIG your God delivers…but you only receive what you believe, believe, ask, and confess BIG today! He is listening and He cares and hears you…BELIEVE!