What’s Your Adaptability Factor?

Hey friends, I was thinking about you and wanted to take a moment to encourage you.

It’s so much easier isn’t it? When your day is all neatly and nicely planned out and when you have your schedule set in a way that you can pick up and go? It must be nice when you can simply cross things off your list until they are done right?

Sounds ideal….

Until life hits you square between the eyes and then what???

Maybe we shouldn’t question this…after all LIFE continues to happen whether we are prepared for it or not.

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Digging The Fork Deeper: Taking A Closer Look

The last couple of weeks, we have been discussing food and the importance of eating on a plan that is not only healthy eating, but is worth reaping the positive benefits of this long term lifestyle. We discussed the importance of not dieting, but rather making small term changes that will have lifelong benefits.

This week we are going to discuss temptation with cravings and how these side effects have revealed new revelation and manifestation.

I have now been back on a plan called Trim Healthy Mama for over a month, not quite a month and a half. I have lost now a total of 12 lbs. The weight loss is slow, but the energy and benefits of it as I have explained before are completely worth it.

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