It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part I)

Hey friends, I have been thinking about you. I want to bring you a message that is near and dear to my heart. I want you to know today that if there is a desire that has been placed upon your heart, it’s okay. The desire is a representation of the truth in your heart. Receive what is true rather than rejecting it. No matter how tall or how big the obstacle is that you may be facing, there is a reason the desire is burning and growing.

You may feel at times that you are not qualified for the position or for task or goal at hand. At times the goal and end result may seem impossible….

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Persistence That Pays….

Yes I know…some of you are probably thinking, ‘not another God post’….if this is you skip on and don’t read, this is your warning! I can’t help but to share God’s goodness with you! Oh my goodness…even since earlier, we had two more prayers answered! My jaw is hitting the floor! I cannot believe what I am seeing and hearing! Please my friends, if you are struggling or have an area of weakness, if there is something you are really wanting God to do in your life, please continue to ask and seek God, be relentless and do not give up, be that persistent four year old child, keep asking and asking! Eventually you will get to a spot that you begin believing it and receiving it in faith. When you start walking the true walk of faith with full belief for God to supply, that’s when your miracle comes! Sometimes that miracle is at the last second and sometimes in your darkest hour when you no longer know what to do or how to respond, that’s when you ask that final time and watch God do something big! Once it is in His hands, release it into His care. Continue to ask and believe, but know that God is listening to your requests! He delights in blessing you, not because of your efforts, works, or what you do, but because He is God and He loves you! It is His unconditional love that supplies all your cares and needs. Believe me He knows what you are going through. I feel someone might need to hear this…there is someone reading this that has a belief that God is to be feared and the fear has been shaken into them. They are not sure if God really loves them or if they deserve to be loved by Him. I am here to share that God wants you to know as you read this, He is right beside you whispering into your ear today, ‘I love you my precious child’. Receive His love and rest in Him today!

Star Light, Star Bright, And Dream BIG!

Ever have one of those nights where you attempt to go to bed, but instead you lie wide awake? Instead of falling asleep you lie awake in anticipation and excitement of all the endless possibilities? Last night was one of those nights for me, a true moment of reflection. When I starlightwas a little girl, I remember lying awake for hours outside on a blanket and watching the stars in the sky. When a star decided to shoot in the sky, that was my moment to make a wish. Remember the saying, ‘star light, star bright, the first start I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might, make the wish I wish tonight?’ What child-like faith I had in the stars, that if one moved, it was destined that my wish would come true. If the star shot, then my wish must BE true right?

What if our faith in other areas of our life was that strong? When we are children, we are innocent and care free. We go with the flow and all things are absolutely possible. As children we are persistent, consistent, and determined. If one thing does not go our way, we get up and try again. We stop it nothing to see our dreams come into fruition. Our faith propels the ending result. We believe in what we want so much that we see it to pass. I think sometimes as adults, our vision and belief somehow dims a bit. Read more