Success: Overcoming The Pit Falls (Part II)

Hi friends! Last time we were talking about success and creating results. The journey to creating results can seem so smooth until a pit fall comes your way. A pit fall is something that must change in you first in order to move forward and create the life you truly desire. Lets take a look and see which one of these pit falls best describes you and how you will overcome it.

The first pit fall is false pride and ego. False pride and ego is over-estimating and compensating your abilities. When you size up your competition to match their credentials, when you obsess to be better than everyone else and strive to achieve results, when the results and success that you have aren’t good enough, when you think you are already better than everyone else and don’t need any more skills and training because you already know it; these are all classic signs of false pride and ego. Just remember one thing, pride always comes before a fall.

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Problem V. Opportunity (Part I)

It was just yesterday, the day after coming home from vacation in the wee hours of the morning. I was sure this was going to be the day I would catch up. Of course, I had my day perfectly planned of exactly what I would do, one step at a time…and then it happened…

I had been driving on the highway in stop/start traffic when a kind woman in the lane next to me signaled for me to roll down my window and notified me that my rear tire on the driver’s side was extremely low. I, of course, had 500 things running through my mind…I could not believe this was happening on my catch up day. I took a deep breath and made a decision to redirect my focus. Nothing was worth robbing my joy and positive attitude over.

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Moment of Wisdom (Part II)

****Another important side note to the previous post from earlier in the week: the blessing previously discussed, came we truly believe because we decided to participate in the year of the Shemitah. We forgave those that owed us debts and prayed to be forgiven and released of those debts in which we owed. We have covered and sealed everything with special prayer and anointing oil believe that God would truly bless us for listening and applying the instructions He had given us. It really does work, now we are receiving blessings right and left! It has been nothing but a bunch of open doors from here! We are just walking through the doors and enjoying what God has been doing without striving and controlling the situation. All we have done is 1) only followed the directions and instructions that God shared with us and nothing else. 2) We applied the instructions and took action. 3) When we were not doing the instruction in front of us we learned to rest, have fun, and LIVE! We are embracing life so freely and hearing from Him so much more clearly. We cannot begin to fathom what is to come next, it’s going to be such an exciting year! I feel honored to share in all of this with you friends! Until next time!!!!

Clarification: Autism Awareness (Part 2)

Hey friends, earlier in the week I posted about our daughter’s recent testing for Autism Spectrum and bringing awareness and clarification to this matter. I had mentioned how in this post I would be discussing how Autism Spectrum can be an actual blessing. Believe it or not, Autism can be a blessing! ‘Most’ children and adults that ‘fall’ on the Autism Spectrum are more hypersensitive. Hypersensitivity can be sensitivity that effects their touch, senses, smell, sight, and sensitivity to certain sounds or noises. What this means is that these individuals experiencing hypersensitivity, are ‘tuned in’ at a deeper level, meaning they can sense at a level that is deeper than most individuals. Case in point, whatever the individual naturally excels at, they will excel at it with a deeper level and passion. This individual will actually master their gifts because they are that ‘focused’ on naturally achieving it. It is not because they are ‘obsessing’ about it, it is because this is how they are naturally ‘wired’. These individuals are ‘wired’ for success in what it is their gifts are in a hypersensitive way. Most individuals who are higher functioning for this reason, are seen as unusually talented and intelligent.

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Persistence That Pays….

Yes I know…some of you are probably thinking, ‘not another God post’….if this is you skip on and don’t read, this is your warning! I can’t help but to share God’s goodness with you! Oh my goodness…even since earlier, we had two more prayers answered! My jaw is hitting the floor! I cannot believe what I am seeing and hearing! Please my friends, if you are struggling or have an area of weakness, if there is something you are really wanting God to do in your life, please continue to ask and seek God, be relentless and do not give up, be that persistent four year old child, keep asking and asking! Eventually you will get to a spot that you begin believing it and receiving it in faith. When you start walking the true walk of faith with full belief for God to supply, that’s when your miracle comes! Sometimes that miracle is at the last second and sometimes in your darkest hour when you no longer know what to do or how to respond, that’s when you ask that final time and watch God do something big! Once it is in His hands, release it into His care. Continue to ask and believe, but know that God is listening to your requests! He delights in blessing you, not because of your efforts, works, or what you do, but because He is God and He loves you! It is His unconditional love that supplies all your cares and needs. Believe me He knows what you are going through. I feel someone might need to hear this…there is someone reading this that has a belief that God is to be feared and the fear has been shaken into them. They are not sure if God really loves them or if they deserve to be loved by Him. I am here to share that God wants you to know as you read this, He is right beside you whispering into your ear today, ‘I love you my precious child’. Receive His love and rest in Him today!

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