Success: Overcoming The Pit Falls (Part II)

Hi friends! Last time we were talking about success and creating results. The journey to creating results can seem so smooth until a pit fall comes your way. A pit fall is something that must change in you first in order to move forward and create the life you truly desire. Lets take a look and see which one of these pit falls best describes you and how you will overcome it.

The first pit fall is false pride and ego. False pride and ego is over-estimating and compensating your abilities. When you size up your competition to match their credentials, when you obsess to be better than everyone else and strive to achieve results, when the results and success that you have aren’t good enough, when you think you are already better than everyone else and don’t need any more skills and training because you already know it; these are all classic signs of false pride and ego. Just remember one thing, pride always comes before a fall.

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Faith Does Not Waiver

Another short, sweet, word of encouragement to you this week…we all go through things in life. Sometimes these things last for seasons. Sometimes these seasons seem as though they will never end. Some seasons feel like everything around them is crumbling and falling apart. Whatever you do, stay the course and be willing to press in and ask God with faith that does not waiver for what has been laid on your heart. Trust that He is listening and teaching you steps, lessons, and giving you tools that are preparing you for that next level and breakthrough. When God NOT man decides it is your time and turn for breakthrough, watch out!!!!! You are on the cornerstone and brink of a massive shift of breakthrough. Keep asking without ceasing and believe that Gods timing for you is perfect! Until next time….

Fighting the good faith!!!

I was thinking of you all and praying this morning for you! This was the message laid on my heart that I thought I would share for the day! Some of you are waiting for something powerful, a breakthrough very special to your hearts. If this desire placed in your heart has not been answered YET, do not be discouraged and faint not! With a child-like faith, be persistent with tenacity and continue to be faithful in your prayer life. The desire stirring i your heart today is for a reason and it is strategically being lined up on your behalf, but if you give up too soon, you may never see it come to pass. Don’t give in if it wasn’t answered on your TIME TABLE! Praying will build your character and your faith! Ask for a greater measure of FAITH that in due season, God promises to bless your desire if you continue to seek Him. All things come to pass in fruition in HIS timing! Stay faithful with the small things and don’t forget to look at the positive blessings of each day and embrace ALL opportunity to be on your knees in prayer, this is your greatest commune and intimacy with Him! I believe in YOU!