What Business Do I Choose?

Hey friends! I came across this and thought of some of you today. I wanted to pass something along to you to share that may or may not personally benefit you and others around you. How many of you are looking for the RIGHT business to build? How many of you are wanting to know the exact steps it would take in order to do this?

If this is you check this message out from Coach Dani Johnson:

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Mind v. Business

Hey there friends! I was thinking about you and have something very special and dear to share with you about. What I am about to share with you is regarding one of my absolute favorite topics to talk about, ‘business’.

Now this message does not just apply to a business owner, this message can be for anyone with a career, a job in the home or out of the home, or even the roles you play as a parent or spouse; these too can be seen as ‘work’ related. Your mind and how you work are completely correlated and related. What does the mind have to do with running a successful business, company, or even family??? EVERYTHING! Have you heard the saying, ‘you are what you think?’ This is a very cliche question, but there is so much truth to it…think for a moment…

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I Want To Move Forwards Not Backwards!

Well it’s true friends, I finally did it! I managed to scale my hours back! It wasn’t without much sacrificing! I felt like I was giving up a baby I had just birthed! What an experience this was!

For months, I thought I had my time management down and in order until my husband and I made the decision recently to add two companies to his nearly full time job and my existing business PLUS being parents and having household responsibilities! Theoretically this was all a great idea, but we missed one small and VERY important detail! TIME!

We had not made a decision as to where to place our time! This resulted in working early in the morning until super late at night! Myself, I experienced extreme exhaustion and that was with taking vitamins and eating super healthy. No matter how healthy I ate, the stress and anxiety was causing my cortisol levels in my body to increase leaving me with stomach pain and inflammation. On top of it, from all the staring of the screen, my eye sockets were in constant pain even after 8 hours of sleep.

My husband looked drained trying to keep up with me and my daughter was acting out by smearing poop on the wall. My entire home looked like a tornado went through it and no matter how much I worked on it, everything piled up because the attention I would normally devote to it had been focused on, well you guessed it, WORK! There was not enough time and to think I wanted even more time added to my day, but where???

The resentment in every area of my life was creeping in. I didn’t feel I had enough time with my husband. Half the time I wanted to ship my daughter off because of her acting out. I didn’t have the energy I needed to correct her or to be the mother that I knew I was capable of. I was in BIG trouble, I mean BIG trouble. I couldn’t keep up this pace any longer, the writing was on the wall.

I could either make changes or entirely self destruct! With a little help from a few special friends and a few devotions and reminders from the Lord, I realized I had been striving in my own strength for too long. I had been trying to make things happen my way because I thought my plan was not just any plan, but ‘THE’ plan and noone was going to tell me different! Boy, was I ever WRONG. I had to ask myself why was I do ing this? Now I am positive that I was only doing this for myself, to see the results of what I could do.

Friends it was time for me to scale back, the stress and the problems were not worth my freedom anymore. I was in bondage in a big way and was tired of living a life of routine, but never having lived at all. I wanted a quality life where my entire family was happy and winning. This of course required me to scale back my hours, to know when to delegate, and to be there for my family more. This would require a higher measure of faith and stronger conviction and belief in myself.

God did not ask me or any of you to strive. He asked us to be willing to be used. Yes there is a message to this, He, God, wants to be able to use you. If you are about yourself and your own agenda, no fruit will come off that except temporary gratification. When we think we can do it all ourself, our plan is proven to crumble and fall apart. When we choose to trust God that if we commit our plan to his plan, He will work it all out on our behalf. We just have to be willing to do what He asks; even if this means not following the plans others think we should, even if it seems like there are more circumstantial problems or there is opposition and nothing is lining up, we must trust God for His plan and be willing to trade in and hand over our cares to Him. He will make a way where there is none, but we must be willing to get out of the way and in a spot with a soft tender heart open to receiving His plan. If there is anything that is keeping you and stopping you from doing so, go to God and ask Him to show you what is separating you from Him and from receiving all the promises He has for you. He wants you to inherit all the desires of your heart, just not your timing and your plan. Your life belongs in His hands, let Jesus take ahold of the wheel and let Him steer you. The freedom you will experience is way more worth it, even if it means going backwards before forwards! We must be pruned before we can receive more and be entrusted with ALL He has for us! It’s coming, trust in Him and His plan! Love you!

Are You Looking At Work At Home Options??

You know the last couple of days there has been an opportunity stirring in my heart. I really have laid a bit low on what it is I do in my first company, but the last few days I just can’t seem to keep this passion contained. There are just a few reasons why I love working at home!

1) Flexibility: I am a mom of a toddler child. Toddlers are extremely active, especially mine. I know that I can work very part-time hours, contribute income, and help manage the household while husband is at work.

2) My daughter: She deserves the best time and the most time. She is my #1 priority as a mother and I NEVER want to sacrifice that quality time with her. She is a huge reason that I work from home.

3) Income: Where in the home business industry do you see stay at home mothers who are making 1000-9705 on average on a monthly basis working no more than 10-20 hours a week around their kids’ schedules? Income sustained while quality time with your children doing the things you love; to me that is a no brainer and simply priceless!

4) Freedom: Who really wants to be a slave to their own work hours? When you cannot escape your work and the things around you that you used to value seem meaningless; your vision has perished and you are a slave that can be manipulated by a dollar sign. Freedom means having vision and going after it. Freedom means being able to work how and when you want. Freedom means telling yourself it’s okay to have a day off and go on an impromptu date with your honey or go on a wild adventure halfway across the globe.

5) YOU the viewer: Yes, you may be broken, you may not be in the best spot of your life right now. You might even be looking for a way to make a change because there is an area of your life that is being hindered, maybe it’s kids, maybe it’s need for flexibility, maybe it’s the debt that is a mountain high that you need to consolidate and get rid of. Maybe you know that soon it will be time to send your kids off to school and you are dreading that tuition fee. Maybe you are approaching retirement, but you are concerned with the amount of income you will be receiving and if it will be enough to live on through the remainder of your days. If this is the case, I want to reach out to YOU! You may or may not be qualified. The good news is the Lord calls even those that don’t fit the bill and aren’t qualified. You are worth living for. You are worth dreams and visions and achieving them. If there is something more stirring in your heart and you are searching, if you want to have more time with your kids and make more income, the reason you are viewing this is because it is the right timing.

I want to share some insider information with you that has not been released to the general public until now. IF you are looking at a way to earn more income, in need of replacement income, or something extra to do in your free time, OR you fit the bill of the descriptions mentioned above, I have a special announcement. The company I work with is doing pre-screening interviews right now. Here is the catch, there are only a few key slots available and we have been incredibly busy conducting interviews in search of the right candidates. So if you are serious please, respond by sending me a message on Facebook to Tara Cherie or Tara Cherie Hayes-Johnson. You may also contact me at taracherieconsulting@gmail.com OR leave a message on my business line at 888-776-3576 within the next 48 business hours. I will contact you back to schedule a time to conduct an interview and at that time we will see if it is a possible match and what steps we should take next. Serious inquires only please.

Addressed To The ‘Stay-At-Home’ and ‘Wish She Were Home’ Mom

Let me start this off by saying there are many, many moms that love being a ‘stay at home mom’. This is the ‘type’ of mom who wakes up early in the morning ready to conquer the superday. She may have a 6 course meal for breakfast on the table, laundry going, and take pride and joy in having prepared 4 sack lunches for the day. This ‘type’ of mom has the chore list completed before she writes it and may be considered the ‘she-hero’ housewife.

Even if this were the case, I believe that there are certain mom’s that do all of these things, but still feel they came up short somehow. There is a lingering feeling of worthlessness that plagues them. Their day is a chore for them, no matter their attitude. They convince themselves that they are happy to serve their husband and children. This is true! This wife may be happy serving her family, but fulfillment is not just about serving or being happy.

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