It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part I)

Hey friends, I have been thinking about you. I want to bring you a message that is near and dear to my heart. I want you to know today that if there is a desire that has been placed upon your heart, it’s okay. The desire is a representation of the truth in your heart. Receive what is true rather than rejecting it. No matter how tall or how big the obstacle is that you may be facing, there is a reason the desire is burning and growing.

You may feel at times that you are not qualified for the position or for task or goal at hand. At times the goal and end result may seem impossible….

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The Aha Moment of Teachability

Was thinking of you my friend and wanted to share a word of encouragement with you. This morning I was reading my devotional as I always do. At first I didn’t quite understand nor grasp while I was reading about seasons. It took the day to progress to remind me why it is I read my morning devotional! I was so thankful that I did because it gave me such great hope. The message was so good that I could not wait to share it with you. It immediately made me think you!

This morning’s devotional was on ‘seasons’. Just like in part of the world, there are 4 seasons experienced. Each season is very different from the other and no two are alike. The seasons in life that we endure are much of the same way. Some seasons are extremely encouraging and uplifting and in those times it seems like everything is going just perfect. Then there are seasons where our day, week, month, or year, may encounter some unexpected challenges. We can choose to focus on the challenges in front of us and wonder why they are never ending. Our attitude can be aloof, callous, negative, and depressing OR we can choose to ASK God to give us a moment of teaching, a lesson and tutorial of how to bring about good and learn from the situation, challenges, and tribulations you are currently facing.

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Grace Is Enough

No matter your situation and what you are facing…it is not a matter of ‘if’, it is only a matter of ‘when’ by God’s gift of grace to you that you ‘will’ be victorious! Maintain your joy today, your victory is coming…it may not be this second, but His timing is perfect!!! Keep going and doing what you are doing, it is not for nothing. Now in your situation is the greatest moment of learning that counts the most. Keep doing and receive His grace. The moment is coming that all you do now will come a season of reaping and all that you have done will be received to you in great abundance. Until next time…