The Lemon Tree That Did….

Need to be encouraged today? Here is something to encourage you with: Recently I received a lemon tree plant from one of my dearest friends. When she handed it to me it really looked like nothing. All that was there was dirt. All of my other container plants I was growing were prospering wildly; then there was this little container full of soil sitting there.

I almost dismissed it and threw it away. I almost wrote it off that maybe I should pitch it because it probably wasn’t going to grow anyway. By faith, I continued to check it on it daily holding on by a thread of hope, that perhaps it ‘might’ still have a chance. I was gone this weekend and when I returned, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The little lemon tree now had not just one, but TWO sprouts coming out from the soil standing tall as could be! I only doubted because I could not have seen the root system!

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Priorities: Does The Wind Have Your Sail? (Part I)

Hey friends, how many of you are feeling challenged by priorities and obligations? I know we have talked about time management before and how to best use the time you have, however, I’d like to expand on priorities.

Why are priorities important? Priorities allow you to not only manage and balance your time, but they help you stay focused on what’s most important.

Remember, you are not all things to all people nor should you be. If this is you and you feel you have to fix, correct, and be there for everyone, this is false burden bearing; meaning you are carry luggage and other peoples’ burdens on your shoulders and it’s weighing you down! First, I must add false responsibility will never get you ahead. In order to even prioritize, I encourage you to give those roles back to those that you took it from and guide and direct others to individuals that can either assist them or to resources that will guide them accordingly. We must not fish for others, but teach them how to fish and be self-sufficient; this means taking care of you and modeling a healthy relationship and lifestyle and working on your own to be the best you can be!

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Competiton or a calling??? (Part II)

Last time we met friends, we were discussing, what it means to be more like-minded in Christ. What does like-minded in Christ mean for our lives?? If we choose to be more like-minded, He abides in us so we are no longer relying on our own strength to accomplish and create results, we are instead relying on His strength and trusting His timing for the results, for the promotion, for the life changes! In the meantime, He is guiding, steering, and directing us!

What release of FREEDOM! We don’t have to figure anything out! We can choose to take the pressure off of ourselves to perform altogether! Why? Because, He has us in the palm of His┬áhand and as His child, He is nurturing us and teaching us what we need to know, so when the time comes for the promotion, we are passing the test with flying colors. All the seeds we sowed into the ground, all the time we spent learning, has now paid off in dividends and we are reaping a bountiful harvest IF and only IF we wait on Him to produce that fruit in our lives. We just have to be willing to ‘be’ and ‘be led’ by Him! That simple, He does the rest!

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More Precious Than A Sparrow

Hey friends!!! I hope you are having a fabulous day so far, and if not, the good news is I have a word of encouragement for you. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of opening up in prayer for a teens group that is near and dear to my heart. While I was praying, I was sensing that there was someone who was really struggling with their worth. I immediately began praying for this person for the blockages, hindrances, and distractions to be broken off immediately so that this person may receive all God had in store for them.

The funny thing is, I once again was in prayer this morning and this same message had been laid on my heart, twice. I usually pay attention when something hits two or three times because this is usually a confirming word in my heart. It was clear to me that God wanted me to share this message with you friends. So for all of those that need hope, to know that they are valued, validated, and loved, here is a special set of scriptures that came to me as I was reading my daily reading plan this week:

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Fruit From The Vine

I was speaking with a good friend of mine when I felt the Lord bless us with a timely word.

We had been talking about business duplication, but really this word can be applied to any area of your life.

The word was based on not picking the fruit before the time in the field for the fruit may not be quite ripe enough. Something in your life might seem right or instantly gratifying, but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you or it could be right but not the right timing. Timing is so important to the Lord. He has a plan that is strategically specific to your life. It is best to trust in Him and this means to fully rest.

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