Problem V. Opportunity (Part II)

The positive to being in this shop, I was able to identify a need and fill it. The lady serving me had been wanting to get in touch with someone that sells the type of vehicle she is looking for. I was able to refer her to the person we bought our last vehicle from. She, in turn, gave us 10.00 off and 20% off our entire bill. I saved nearly 50.00 by just taking the time to cultivate a relationship with her. From there, I was able to still get to the appointments I had scheduled that day, and get our daughter from school. In between, I had somehow managed to get my tire looked at with a local tire store; they indicated the estimated wait time to be at least minimum 2 hours long. The availability to wait, unfortunately, was not there. I had appointments that I could not miss.

After our daughter’s appointment, I went to the other side of town. In between my appointments, I was able to have the same company, different location, take a look at the tire. I thought I was there to get air and continue on from there with my day. There were already waiting customers ahead of me, but the gentleman assisting me must have had compassion and fixed the tire for me anyway even with people waiting! Rather than charging me for an entirely new tire, he found the root of the problem, corrected the situation, and charged me NOTHING! My jaw dropped to the floor!

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Problem V. Opportunity (Part I)

It was just yesterday, the day after coming home from vacation in the wee hours of the morning. I was sure this was going to be the day I would catch up. Of course, I had my day perfectly planned of exactly what I would do, one step at a time…and then it happened…

I had been driving on the highway in stop/start traffic when a kind woman in the lane next to me signaled for me to roll down my window and notified me that my rear tire on the driver’s side was extremely low. I, of course, had 500 things running through my mind…I could not believe this was happening on my catch up day. I took a deep breath and made a decision to redirect my focus. Nothing was worth robbing my joy and positive attitude over.

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Grace Is Enough

No matter your situation and what you are facing…it is not a matter of ‘if’, it is only a matter of ‘when’ by God’s gift of grace to you that you ‘will’ be victorious! Maintain your joy today, your victory is coming…it may not be this second, but His timing is perfect!!! Keep going and doing what you are doing, it is not for nothing. Now in your situation is the greatest moment of learning that counts the most. Keep doing and receive His grace. The moment is coming that all you do now will come a season of reaping and all that you have done will be received to you in great abundance. Until next time…

Breaking The Bondage: Going Deeper….

The moment you fall to our to your knees and you look to heaven above, you can no longer do this so-called ‘life’ on your own; certainly not on your own strength. This is a definitive decision making moment. One of two choices must be decided upon, to work in your own godcariesstrength which has landed us here in misery, insanity, with an end that only leads to death and destruction, OR to make the decision to surrender and to let the Lord our God carry you.

What does it mean to let God carry you? First, it means surrendering yourself to Him. This means you rest and acknowledge that He is and He has your every care. This is your turn to let go and acknowledge that you trust Him enough to care for your needs. He already knows exactly what you need, but He will not do so without your permission. You have the ultimate choice. When you choose Him not only do you surrender your ways, but you also surrender your thoughts. You make a choice to leave all anxiousness with Him. Your thoughts now become His thoughts and you are allowing Him to do a work in your life. You also give Him the authority to work it out for good in His timing, not your own.

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