What’s Your Adaptability Factor?

Hey friends, I was thinking about you and wanted to take a moment to encourage you.

It’s so much easier isn’t it? When your day is all neatly and nicely planned out and when you have your schedule set in a way that you can pick up and go? It must be nice when you can simply cross things off your list until they are done right?

Sounds ideal….

Until life hits you square between the eyes and then what???

Maybe we shouldn’t question this…after all LIFE continues to happen whether we are prepared for it or not.

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The Aha Moment of Teachability

Was thinking of you my friend and wanted to share a word of encouragement with you. This morning I was reading my devotional as I always do. At first I didn’t quite understand nor grasp while I was reading about seasons. It took the day to progress to remind me why it is I read my morning devotional! I was so thankful that I did because it gave me such great hope. The message was so good that I could not wait to share it with you. It immediately made me think you!

This morning’s devotional was on ‘seasons’. Just like in part of the world, there are 4 seasons experienced. Each season is very different from the other and no two are alike. The seasons in life that we endure are much of the same way. Some seasons are extremely encouraging and uplifting and in those times it seems like everything is going just perfect. Then there are seasons where our day, week, month, or year, may encounter some unexpected challenges. We can choose to focus on the challenges in front of us and wonder why they are never ending. Our attitude can be aloof, callous, negative, and depressing OR we can choose to ASK God to give us a moment of teaching, a lesson and tutorial of how to bring about good and learn from the situation, challenges, and tribulations you are currently facing.

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Opportunity Trumps Circumstance

An encouraging story and powerful word I wanted to share with each of you today: This morning, I was in to the last half of the first chapter of my devotional when I read a truly captivating testimony of Sir Winston Churchill. Some of you may have known his plight, but for those that don’t, I want to share with you a little about him and the powerful message he had to share with the world. If you are in need of hope, this story is designed for you today.
Mr. Churchill had grown up in a well to do English home. You would have thought that the circumstances financially would have been enough for him to thrive. You would have thought he would have been a positive product of his environment and that he would have excelled with his mother being so active in the community and with his father role modeling his life as a politician. The opposite is actually true. His parents had little time for him. He spent his infant years being raised by a wet nurse and later a live in nanny. At a young age, he had been sent to boarding school and later served in the royal military. Though he graduated, he never really excelled academically. He was socially awkward and found it difficult to make friends. He also suffered with a speech impediment and many of the kids in his class teased him. He later went to serve in the British Army. At one point, he was captured in a war, but was fortunate enough to escape.
When Mr. Churchill returned to Britain, he went into journalism and politics. He ran for office two times, before he succeeded in becoming Prime Minister. The point of the story, Mr. Churchill had all odds stacked against him: neglect by his parents, lack of social bonding from infancy on, speech impediment, capture, bondage, rejection, fear, failure, lack of success..the list goes on. He could have let the enemies (all of these circumstances) impede the successes he had because it was too hard or too many odds being stacked against him. In spite of his circumstances, Mr. Churchill never gave up. Because of his belief in something much greater than himself, his pressing in later led to his victory. What if he never would have pressed through? Would as many lives have been impacted globally? Would he have touched as many lives as he did? In Mr. Churchill’s words: ‘This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never,in nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.’