Forgiveness: Are You Building A Bridge or Wall With Others???

Hello there friends! I was just thinking about you! I have a very special message to share with you today. The message you are about to hear is a message on forgiveness.

Let me tell you something about forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful. Forgiveness has the ability to build bridges. Forgiveness also has the ability to build walls if you let it. Forgiveness also effects the quality of your life and the relationships you have with others. Relationships are in every area of our lives whether with self or others. What type of relationship do you have with others? What kind of life are you living? If you were to walk away from your computer this very moment and walk in front of the mirror, what would you see? Do you truly appreciate what you bring to the table?

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Competition or a calling??? (Part I)

This last Sunday at church, I was in deep prayer as I heard this message that I am about to share with you! The message is particularly a powerful one as to why we should not compete and compare ourselves to others.

***Disclaimer: Now, before I go into this message, I realize not every viewer is a ‘believer’ of Christ. We still encourage and invite you to read this message for interpretation and understanding purposes. We want to meet you where you are at and what you believe in. We do not wish to offend you or trample on your beliefs, so if this is not for you, we completely want to honor and respect that about you. We encourage you to move forward and seek content that will fulfill you in a different way.

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More Precious Than A Sparrow

Hey friends!!! I hope you are having a fabulous day so far, and if not, the good news is I have a word of encouragement for you. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of opening up in prayer for a teens group that is near and dear to my heart. While I was praying, I was sensing that there was someone who was really struggling with their worth. I immediately began praying for this person for the blockages, hindrances, and distractions to be broken off immediately so that this person may receive all God had in store for them.

The funny thing is, I once again was in prayer this morning and this same message had been laid on my heart, twice. I usually pay attention when something hits two or three times because this is usually a confirming word in my heart. It was clear to me that God wanted me to share this message with you friends. So for all of those that need hope, to know that they are valued, validated, and loved, here is a special set of scriptures that came to me as I was reading my daily reading plan this week:

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A Belated Merry Christmas To You!!!

Just recently, our church decided to come together and sponsor a family for Christmas who had lost everything. Not many details were shared with the congregation that I can recall off hand. It was brought to our attention that there were tags hanging on the Christmas tree and would we consider helping this family. As mentioned a few times, we wanted to begin teaching our child that it is better to give than to receive. We let her pick off a tag one Sunday at church. It was a very special item from a store we didn’t know much about. We prayed it through and out to the store I went one day in complete faith, but with great love in my heart that something ‘special’ was going to happen.

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In Lieu Of What’s Missing, Prosper Anyway!

Hey friends! I was just thinking about you and realized that I hadn’t done a blog post dealing with food and time management in a REALLY LONG time. I was inspired to write this tonight after I made a special treat for my family and it dawned on me to share this with you.

Do you want to be entrusted with more territory? I know I do! It starts with being entrusted with the little things even in your pantry/kitchen. Our family wants to be increased with more and it’s really been laid on my heart to truly be sure we are not wasting food by throwing it away because it got too old and we didn’t eat the leftovers or some of it started getting moldy so I threw it out, that kind of thing. I must confess, in the past this is what happened in our house from time to time even though I have been diligent in meal planning and shopping with what is only on our list! I really was convicted to stop letting cash go in the trash, especially when it came to food!

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