It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part II)

Last post we were talking about the desires of your heart and that there is a reason for them being there. We covered the first thing you should know about that and here is the second half to that….

Secondly, it’s not necessarily about who you know or measurable your credentials are! There are plenty of people out there with credentials and degrees that they are not using for their intensive purposes that school was supposed to prepare them for! There are also plenty of people who have knowledge and skill in certain areas, but their people skill and their willingness to remain teachable is lacking.

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Digging The Fork Deeper: Taking A Closer Look (Part II)

Taking the Bulimia a step further, I chose to look at digging down to the root of the excessive guilt. The guilt was enough for me to flash back to the abusive behaviors that I encountered growing up. In fact, many of the things this family member spoke over me, I found myself repeating to myself.

The pattern I now find myself fighting to overcome is emotional response or trigger, response to food usually in a small quantity now, then excessive guilt leading to flash back and repeating words spoken over me in my past, and finally me having to fight to reject the seed now rather than respond.

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