Problem V. Opportunity (Part II)

The positive to being in this shop, I was able to identify a need and fill it. The lady serving me had been wanting to get in touch with someone that sells the type of vehicle she is looking for. I was able to refer her to the person we bought our last vehicle from. She, in turn, gave us 10.00 off and 20% off our entire bill. I saved nearly 50.00 by just taking the time to cultivate a relationship with her. From there, I was able to still get to the appointments I had scheduled that day, and get our daughter from school. In between, I had somehow managed to get my tire looked at with a local tire store; they indicated the estimated wait time to be at least minimum 2 hours long. The availability to wait, unfortunately, was not there. I had appointments that I could not miss.

After our daughter’s appointment, I went to the other side of town. In between my appointments, I was able to have the same company, different location, take a look at the tire. I thought I was there to get air and continue on from there with my day. There were already waiting customers ahead of me, but the gentleman assisting me must have had compassion and fixed the tire for me anyway even with people waiting! Rather than charging me for an entirely new tire, he found the root of the problem, corrected the situation, and charged me NOTHING! My jaw dropped to the floor!

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A Belated Merry Christmas To You!!!

Just recently, our church decided to come together and sponsor a family for Christmas who had lost everything. Not many details were shared with the congregation that I can recall off hand. It was brought to our attention that there were tags hanging on the Christmas tree and would we consider helping this family. As mentioned a few times, we wanted to begin teaching our child that it is better to give than to receive. We let her pick off a tag one Sunday at church. It was a very special item from a store we didn’t know much about. We prayed it through and out to the store I went one day in complete faith, but with great love in my heart that something ‘special’ was going to happen.

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Slow It Down…What Are You In A Hurry For???

Hello there friends it’s good to be with you today! I just wanted to be transparent and share a little something with you that I think may just help someone to overcome today.

Recently, I had a little change and shift in one of the businesses my husband and I own. I had been making calls consistently. I had normal set business hours of operation. I even had a team of people that I was encouraging weekly and helping them to those next steps. Yet, I couldn’t figure out why the results had slowed down a bit. I knew I was following the process and I had even been plugging into the team training calls. I was completely stumped as to what this could have possibly been.

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He Is A BIG Deal!

Hey friends, just a little heart felt message from me to you. I have been thinking about you today. I don’t care what your dilemma is or how impossible your situation is…we serve such a big God…ask Him and ask Him big, He is desiring to deliver to you big. I should know….we just received such an answer to our prayers today. My jaw hit the floor when I received this call. Three open doors on three different things in under three weeks! Actually 4 blessings have come so far! I am so humbled right now…and no I am not going to be taking ‘God’ out of my blog posts any time soon, He is the reason I believe and have the faith that I do. He is my father and Abba and our provider in all areas! My family and I would not be if it were not for Him. I will continue to praise Him and glorify who He is…when He shows up, it’s in a big way, He is a big deal! Some of you need to be reminded of how BIG your God delivers…but you only receive what you believe, believe, ask, and confess BIG today! He is listening and He cares and hears you…BELIEVE!

Passion Amidst Patience

patiencePatience, an attribute that some of us are natural at and others find themselves continuously working on.  How do you know if you are the patient type or not?  There is one way to find out if this is a quality that we exhibit or a quality that needs to be strengthened upon.  We are all a work in progress.  We all must walk through a refiner’s fire in order to make appropriate tweaks that refine us and bring out the best in us as an individual.

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