It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part I)

Hey friends, I have been thinking about you. I want to bring you a message that is near and dear to my heart. I want you to know today that if there is a desire that has been placed upon your heart, it’s okay. The desire is a representation of the truth in your heart. Receive what is true rather than rejecting it. No matter how tall or how big the obstacle is that you may be facing, there is a reason the desire is burning and growing.

You may feel at times that you are not qualified for the position or for task or goal at hand. At times the goal and end result may seem impossible….

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Several Key Lucrative Positions Opening Inside Our Company

Prior to the company I partner with, I worked 80-90 hours a week for a boss that didn’t appreciate my work.  Not only was I burnt out and stressed out, but I had no money to even cover my minimum monthly expenses.  I was miserable and financially strapped without any savings set aside for purposes of wealth and financial stability for myself and my family.  In addition, knowing that I was going to law school, I needed a way to pay cash for school instead of incurring student loan debt and adding to the debt I already had.

Since plugging into the company I partner with, I have made a 6 figure income averaging 6800 in profit per month. I was able to pay cash for a majority of my schooling. My family and I have been able to give back to our community while establishing and building wealth accounts.  I am no longer concerned about our financial future and stability.  I know our family will be set for our retirement years.  My husband and I will be able to enjoy our retirement years together with one another without the accrual of debt and maintaining complete financial freedom and independence.

Maybe everything in your life is organized and planned for accordingly.  Maybe you are continuing to build wealth as the way that you see fit and are not looking to make any adjustments to your personal life or income.  If, however, you are looking for a way to continue to work efficiently and productively, providing exemplary quality assurance while maintaining client retention and bringing in a solid income that will allow you to continue to build wealth, I would like the opportunity to speak with you personally.  Our company has a few key entry level and management positions available that we are actively pre-screening candidates at this time.  We are looking closely at candidate profiles for the right business partnership and will be making our decision effective immediately.  In consideration, please contact me directly at  Serious inquiries about our positions only.  I look forward to speaking with you.