Where Is The Time Going??? (Part II)

Need a reality check of what too much work can do….

Too many hours at work and feeling that there is never enough hours leads to anxiety and stress. Stress leads to burn out. Burn out leads to nervous break downs, heart problems, strokes, heart attacks, self-loathing, resentment, rejection, bitterness, an unloving feeling towards self and others, perfectionism, idolatry, etc. Chemically speaking, your hormones can become improperly balanced. The chemicals that make you happy and calm such as Melatonin and Serotonin go down as Cortisol increases and causes negative emotions and reactions to things that would not otherwise normally bother nor effect you in such a way.

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The One Key That Determines A Get By Ployee To Empowered Employee-Preneur

We all know the tale of the two stereo-typical cast employees, the one who gets by and the one who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Both fit very different molds, but yet have one thing in common, the work place. The work place is always looking to maximize profit margins and grow info structure. The work place is always looking for the ‘one’ who will get the job done in a timely, efficient manner meeting all needs, demands, and deadlines without complaint. The work place is always looking for reasons to either ‘demote’ or ‘promote’ the right person to represent x,y,z, business or company. The work place is always looking for the right qualities in today’s market trends, whether ‘qualified’ or ‘unqualified’. If you were in front of a mirror right now, what would your reflection mimic? In other words, what type of employee do you see yourself as, the kind that gets by or the kind that will stop it nothing to be that model employee, who rises to the top quickly? You might think you already know, but lets evaluate and see which category you truly fit into, whether get by or employee-preneur.

The first category, is the get by ployee. The get by ployee is the employee who may set their alarm clock to wake up on time, but they hit snooze at least 3 times before getting out of bed. This employee is far from the representation of the excellent employee who is occasionally running behind because of a personal mishap; rather this is the employee who is continuously, perpetually late. This employee may or may not wash their hair and their appearance may be sloppy, not well-kept. In fact, this employee probably found the shirt nearest the bed from last week, forgot to wash it, and decided to put it on anyway! This employee may be speeding down the highway and park in the spot closest to the building because it is more convenient. This employee has been in the bosses office multiple times for being tardy and is wanting to slip through the cracks to get by, hoping that their tardiness goes unnoticed. This employee walks through the door on their cell phone and as they walk by you smell a pungent aroma in the air as if they were in such a hurry you notice their face as a 3 o’clock shadow and their armpits as not having used any form of deodorant and it’s only 8 in the morning!!!

When this employee walks by your desk, you can’t help but notice they are still on a personal call from their cell phone discussing ‘the night before’. This type of employee is loud and unprofessional and rather than going to their desk to start their duties, they are going to their ‘buddies’ desks socializing. Their boss catches them around the corner and is demanding their reports that they promised to get in before the end of last week and is wondering why they haven’t been turned in yet. This employee realizes that they missed their deadline and is now sweating bullets hoping they don’t ruin their annual evaluation that is less than 3 weeks away. This employee is already on a probationary status because their last evaluation was less than sub-par. This employee goes to prepare their reports for their boss, but does the minimal work to skate by. Rather than working consistently and diligently this employee is skimming through and checking facebook constantly. Many companies now monitor sites being used by employees for personal use, but now with smart phones, an employee is able to check their email and facebook with various phone apps. This employee views their job as a loophole that if they want something, they can get by.

Before you know it, the day has passed by for this get by ployee. They have done alot of work and worked hard, but yet, don’t have the fruit that speaks highly of their results. This employee has hardly worked and the lack in their reports and work functions shows that numbers don’t lie and they have yet to get their work done. This employee attends an ‘at the end of the day’ meeting and finds out the company has been losing money due to the number of employees hanging out on various sites for personal work and lack of production. The boss is not very happy and to save the company money, has just announced that they have to begin laying off employees. This employee ‘hopes’ that they won’t be the first to go, but their actions over the last year have said it all. This employee models the laxadaiscal approach and is guilty of exhibiting ‘I don’t care about my job’ approach to their boss. This employee behind their bosses’ back has been complaining about their job and how much they hate it. This employee plays the ‘blame’ game of why they haven’t been selected for a promotion after they have been there the last 5 years, or wonders why they have not received a raise. This mentality has caused them to be angry, bitter, and resentful towards their boss and other company employees. This employee is selfish and only cares about the welfare of themselves rather than others. This employee is asking to be the first for layoffs in today’s economy. It will be a miracle if this employee is not nominated #1 on the lay-off list; that is if his/her boss has not already started the proceedings for dismissal of their position based upon their merited behavior.

The second category, is the empowered, employee-preneur. The get by ployee could stand to learn a few pointers from this employee, but they are too unteachable and not coach-able; they think they know everything. The employee-preneur, on the other hand is extremely teachable and coachable. In fact, the employee-preneur sets their alarm 15 minutes ahead of schedule. They have a system and plan in place so they are punctual. The employee -preneur is the type of employee that being punctual means arriving at work 15 minutes early and that being on time is late. This employee sets their work clothes out the night before and knows exactly what they are going to wear. This employee makes sure that their attire is crisply pressed and that their shoes have been shined. The work that they did accomplish at the end of the week, has now been completed and is neatly placed in a folder of their brief-case. This employee turns their mobile device on vibrate or silent while they drive. As usual, they are not caught mingling with other employees, but are at their desk with 10 minutes to spare, sipping their cup of coffee, and looking at their day’s agenda. The reports they prepared are placed on their bosses’ desk before he/she arrives at the office.

This employee exhibits great integrity and leadership. They appear at their morning office meeting on time, with pen and paper handy, ready to take copious notes. This employee realizes that their ideas will leave them broke, but that of ‘the boss’ or ‘expert’ will teach them new skills that they can learn, invest into, and glean from that will allow them to be the first up for promotion. This employee desires to learn what will best benefit the company and empower other employees to give their first fruits in their work habits. This employee wants to bring others up with them to the top. If this employee sees that another is struggling, they will encourage that employee and discuss a way to take their weakness and turn it into a strength that makes them shine and an asset that is modeled to others in the organization. This employee is not just about themselves, but wants to learn how to honor their boss and how to create growth and expansion in the company. This employee is a visionary and gets the ‘bigger’ picture, but they aren’t afraid to look at the pursuit they must take as they aim to achieve results. This employee is never prideful or boastful, but knows how to receive a compliment and how to compliment their everyday work environment. In their bosses’ eyes, this employee is the ‘model’ employee who goes above and beyond deadlines. This type of employee figures out how to promote their boss and this is why they are made unusually successful, receiving promotion after promotion, raise after raise in a short amount of time. The time this employee spends working is now leveraged with dollar amount; they have now become the most ‘valued’ employee by the company.

How recession-proof the economy is, is not just determined by the community, but ‘you’ are the factor that propels the community, for better or worse. You, my friend, have a decision to make, which employee will you choose to be, the get by ployee or the empowered employee-preneur? The market place pays for value; especially for the employee that is willing to invest into themselves and their own skill set, the one whose motives are of pure intent. What you put in my friends, is what you will get out of it. What you sow, so too shall you reap and eat the fruit of it. 98% of the population will claim they are the employee-preneur that gets their hands dirty, asking questions even when they don’t understand something. Only 2% will actually live by the model of ‘above and beyond’. Look at what everyone else is doing that is facing that layoff list, and choose to do the opposite. If you see an area that you can change for the better, don’t be afraid to be held accountable and ask questions that will propel that change. Find ways to honor your boss and encourage them and you will be surprised at what transitions happen in your life. Learn how to help others get what they want, and you will succeed, but you must make that choice, that decision, and be all in! Get ready for the ride and adventure my friend, your life is about ready to be drastically changed if you choose it to be! To learn more about shifting to an employee-preneur visit www.danijohnson.com, go under the ‘products’ tab, ‘career, finances, & everyday life’, where you will find tools to help you to succeed the way that you desire in the market place. You may also type in the ‘search’ bar, ‘job domination’ where additional sources and references may be found.