It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part I)

Hey friends, I have been thinking about you. I want to bring you a message that is near and dear to my heart. I want you to know today that if there is a desire that has been placed upon your heart, it’s okay. The desire is a representation of the truth in your heart. Receive what is true rather than rejecting it. No matter how tall or how big the obstacle is that you may be facing, there is a reason the desire is burning and growing.

You may feel at times that you are not qualified for the position or for task or goal at hand. At times the goal and end result may seem impossible….

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Fishers Of Men: Casting The Vision

It’s a brisk, early morning, as the sun is slowly rising. You awaken to the scent of heavenly, brewed fresh coffee in your coffee cup. This morning you will have a fresh cup of coffee to go in the mug on the drive to the lake. You wake up excited anticipating the idea of having a coffeefresh catch of fish as the evening meal. You have all your bait lure, your tackle box, and you are reaching the dock to get into your boat. The water is pristine, calm, and clear; the ultimate weather for catching fish.

You have a particularly perfect place in mind to cast your pole in the water. You have an idea as to how many fish you’d like to catch that day. You begin to create a plan of action mentally that will allow you to obtain your own personal goal. You wind the reel and cast the pole in the water and patiently wait to see the pole tug. You notice that the pole is not tugging and begin to question, was it the right spot, did you use the right lure, was the pole positioned correctly? Your mind races with thoughts. Do you persist or do you quit? Are you consistent with how many times you cast the pole or do you cast it once hoping the fish will be caught and if you don’t catch it, then it wasn’t meant to be or it doesn’t work?

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