It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part II)

Last post we were talking about the desires of your heart and that there is a reason for them being there. We covered the first thing you should know about that and here is the second half to that….

Secondly, it’s not necessarily about who you know or measurable your credentials are! There are plenty of people out there with credentials and degrees that they are not using for their intensive purposes that school was supposed to prepare them for! There are also plenty of people who have knowledge and skill in certain areas, but their people skill and their willingness to remain teachable is lacking.

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A change-maker

Just a short note to let you know of a stir in my heart. My heartstrings are tugging for you. There is a BIG shift coming to you and loved ones in your life. For things to align according to God’s will for your life, a couple of things may be required. One, you may be required to prepare your heart to be open to the heavenlies and suddenlies. This may mean letting go of regimented schedules along with releasing your self from assumptions and logistical, sequential thinking. Remember God is wanting to reign manna from the sky to you on your behalf. You will be required to exhibit a greater measure and countenance of faith.

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A Quickening Moment of Preparedness…

Just recently, my husband and I began to feel uncomfortable about living here on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. We had been praying for some time about where God wanted us. I had begun to feel a quickening to begin to go through the items in our attic and to begin purging items we were no longer using. At first, I thought that it was a normal spring cleaning process that we go through yearly. After awhile, I began to realize that there was more to it than this purging process. I had recently had a heart change and decided to discuss it with my husband. I never imagined that the Lord would be talking to each of us about returning home.

Surely I had thought being here in Pennsylvania was both influence and positioning for what God had been asking of us, but now to move home? Was He really finished with what He was doing out here through us? What will our next journey look like? These were all questions we were asking. In discussing our hearts with one another, we noticed that the Lord had been speaking to us about the Midwest and carefully searching our options and remain open to what He wants. Everything must be considered with supplication and with prayer. No decision should ever be made on pure emotion and without thinking it through and committing it to prayer. What we think may not be the same as God’s plan. Quickening of the heart can only mean one thing, going into a time of meditation and prayer. It also means to prepare oneself. This is a time of preparation for our family.

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