Priorities: Does The Wind Have Your Sail? (Part I)

Hey friends, how many of you are feeling challenged by priorities and obligations? I know we have talked about time management before and how to best use the time you have, however, I’d like to expand on priorities.

Why are priorities important? Priorities allow you to not only manage and balance your time, but they help you stay focused on what’s most important.

Remember, you are not all things to all people nor should you be. If this is you and you feel you have to fix, correct, and be there for everyone, this is false burden bearing; meaning you are carry luggage and other peoples’ burdens on your shoulders and it’s weighing you down! First, I must add false responsibility will never get you ahead. In order to even prioritize, I encourage you to give those roles back to those that you took it from and guide and direct others to individuals that can either assist them or to resources that will guide them accordingly. We must not fish for others, but teach them how to fish and be self-sufficient; this means taking care of you and modeling a healthy relationship and lifestyle and working on your own to be the best you can be!

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Lettuce Be A Life Of Magnetic Influence

My friends, I was thinking about you all the other day as I was scanning over a bed of lettuce lettucethat I was using to prepare a delicious salad that I had acquired a recipe for. As I inspected the head of salad I noticed some pieces that had gone bad and wouldn’t be suitable for consumption. For a moment, I thought to myself how wonderful an idea that I do not put something in my mouth that I do not wish to be there. It felt great to have that sense of ‘control’ of telling my body what it should and should not be indulging. The mind is a powerful thing, but what is even more powerful is the action of doing or not doing. I am sure many of you can understand that.

Maybe there is an area that you would prefer to be in more control over, it might be your time, your balance, your body, or your money. Speaking from personal experience, the area that i am working on gaining the greatest control over is my body. For years I had accepted the fact that maybe I had been built to be big. I had almost come to accept this grim reality that it was ‘ok’ to allow myself to pack on the lbs. Though I have never been grossly overweight, I had doubt and disbelief that I could ever lose weight. Heck, I still had some weight on me from having my first daughter, how would I ever gain control over my body? Did I even have the discipline it would require of me to tip the scales the opposite way?

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Pound The Alarm…..INeedMOREssleeep….

We live in a world today that is extremely fast paced. Our schedule start to finish is filled with activities or tasks that we feel are important. The minute we roll out of bed, our time tells us where it needs to go. The morning routine alone is packed. First you have to get you ready, then come kids and school lunches, and then you realize the dry cleaner called and it’s time to pick up your suit for your morning presentation. Before you know it, it’s 8 AM and you are expected in your bosses’ office to go over the presentation that will land you one of the most important contracts in the history of your company. Following your morning meeting is a luncheon meeting you must be at because your boss is recommending you for an award to be received at the end of the month.

You have two more clients to meet with before after school soccer practices with the kids before your last dinner meeting for the evening. You drop the kids off at practice and make arrangements for the sitter to come over when you drop the kids off before your meeting. You also have to call the delivery guy for a scheduled pizza delivery as you know you won’t be home in time before the sitter puts the kids to bed. Your evening has just begun when you receive a call from your husband saying that he will be at the office late catching up on reports. You come home and realize the cat hasn’t even been fed and the laundry has yet to be done. You turn to your right and see your child’s science fair project that you promised to help with the finishing touches and your child will be presenting amongst the regional judges early morning, it has to get done. Before you know it, it’s 11 PM before you even settle down on the couch. Next thing you know it’s 1 AM in the morning and you fell asleep on the couch. Does this schedule sound familiar to you? Do you tend to identify with a ‘like’ protocol/routine to your day?

Looking forward to a full-night’s sleep, your head begins to hit the pillow, when your mind starts plotting the next day’s agenda. All you can think about is work and it seems like there is no exit. No matter how much you work, all you do is eat, sleep, breath, and think about your performance at work. If you are not thinking about your job, you are thinking about your kids and everything that needs to be done around the house including when you are going to get your weekly cleaning done. You might even be thinking about when you are going to get the dishes done that are piling up in your sink!

Now this schedule may not seem so bad if it’s just a night here and there, but what if this is a daily, weekly, 365 days a year type of schedule? After all, the average person requires minimum 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body was designed in a way that it needs rest to be replenished. Your mind is a muscle and all your body’s muscles need time to relax. Otherwise, you will not be able to think clearly and your overall brain function will be lower the next day. If your brain is not able to properly function, you will begin to forget at first what will seem like ‘trivial’ things such as taking out the trash, or picking a gallon of milk up at the store. Without adequate rest over time, your body will go into sleep deprivation and you will begin to forget more important things such as meetings or your childrens’ back to school parent-teacher conferences; all important things that you must attend.

All work and no balance does not make you healthier. The fatigue you begin to experience over time equated with sleep deprivation increases stress. Stress creates hypersensitivity to even the smallest of situations or issues and magnifies, intensifying daily tasks in your life. Stress also produces an increase of Cortisol in the body that can cause inflammation, gas, and create weight gain. Cortisol and stress will cause your body to feel more and more sluggish. Your body becoming more and more sluggish along with insufficient, lack of nutrition will cause your body to shut down and not function. When your body is at its lowest point in malfunctioning, this is where overeating leads to intensity of stress. Intensity of stress leads to mental break-downs, and mental break-downs lead to your mind and physical body shutting down to the point you come down with a form of mental or physical disease. At this point you are no help to others, your family, or even yourself.

To think, every physical or mental issue could have been prevented if you told your time where it needed to go instead of time telling you where to put it. Here is a tip of wisdom that your body will thank you for. Your everyday life is all about priorities and learning where to delegate responsibilities, or plain and simply say ‘no’. Do you really have to take on an extra client that afternoon, or are you doing it only because you feel that it will advance your work career.? Was the extra 3 hour meeting worth putting it first over your children?

Those extra 3 hours you booked that client could have been spent preparing dinner, getting kids to bed, scheduling out your next day, or better yet, getting that extra hour of sleep that you’ve been missing. An extra hour of sleep doesn’t sound like much, but it can make or break the difference of how your next day is. Being able to articulate to your clients and work effectively with your boss is important. Being able to think clearly on how to help your son ace his math test the next day would make you and him feel good that you set the time aside to do so. Again, it’s all about balancing your priorities. It is okay to say no to that extra client, especially if it means getting better nutrients, having better digestion, taking care of your body, being there for your family, and getting that extra sleep that your body is begging you for. Your body will thank you for that sleep; especially when you wake up refreshed in the morning ready to take on the day! Your family will also thank you that you put them first before your work. It’s all about time management and how you balance your day. It’s okay to get in a full days worth of worth, but even the greatest ‘energizer bunny’ needs to be re-charged. Rest is the greatest way to increase your everyday function. Make sleep your priority at the end of the day and everything else you are desiring for, will naturally fall into place. If you are looking for ways to better your time management including more sleep, visit, type in the search engine at the top ‘time management’ where you will find related articles.

CBA or ABC, what order comes first????

Priorities…we all have them. We all possess the same 24 hours in a day. How we manage our time becomes a choice. Time often means balance, but how many of you find that your time is skewed in a certain area? Is the time we spend at work the same amount of time we spend with our families at home? Is the reverse correct as well? Our time can look like a teeter-totter, back and forth, with one end up in the air and the other down on the ground. We can be receiving one promotion after the next at work. Our day can be filled with important tasks and meetings we must accomplish in order to meet certain demands. At what cost, however, does this effect our families? Do you find yourself asking, ‘where did my time go’ or ‘I wish I had more time with my children.’ Do you feel the tug that your family has come a distant second to the pressures weighing on your shoulders at work? Do you find yourself sacrificing ‘me’ time? Are you experiencing distance, resentment, arguments with your spouse or children? Do you feel in bondage to your work hours, wishing you had more freedom to live that higher quality of life? Here are a few steps to achieving that:

1) Make a list of the tasks that are needing to be accomplished instead of trying to remember them all in your head.
2) Prioritize your tasks in the number of importance of being fulfilled.
3) If there are tasks that can be delegated out, pass the torch; this will free up more of your time.
4) If there are tasks that do not get accomplished for the day, make them your top priority for the next day.
5) Allow yourself to be flexible with your time and open to change, you may find you have more time in between meetings or tasks to fit another task in.
6) Put family first before work responsibilities. Schedule work time around your family.
7) Schedule time for yourself. spouse, and children that is strictly for you and them.

For more tips and strategies in prioritizing your time while increasing value in your relationships, please listen by clicking here, How Much Growth Would You Like To See In The Next 12 Months? or by reading content by coach and mentor, Dani Johnson by visiting