Forgiveness: Are You Building A Bridge or Wall With Others???

Hello there friends! I was just thinking about you! I have a very special message to share with you today. The message you are about to hear is a message on forgiveness.

Let me tell you something about forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful. Forgiveness has the ability to build bridges. Forgiveness also has the ability to build walls if you let it. Forgiveness also effects the quality of your life and the relationships you have with others. Relationships are in every area of our lives whether with self or others. What type of relationship do you have with others? What kind of life are you living? If you were to walk away from your computer this very moment and walk in front of the mirror, what would you see? Do you truly appreciate what you bring to the table?

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Fruit From The Vine

I was speaking with a good friend of mine when I felt the Lord bless us with a timely word.

We had been talking about business duplication, but really this word can be applied to any area of your life.

The word was based on not picking the fruit before the time in the field for the fruit may not be quite ripe enough. Something in your life might seem right or instantly gratifying, but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you or it could be right but not the right timing. Timing is so important to the Lord. He has a plan that is strategically specific to your life. It is best to trust in Him and this means to fully rest.

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A Season Of Prune & A Season of Growth

When you grow as a person, not everyone is going to ‘like’ or ‘agree’ with what you share or say. No matter how passionate you are about your beliefs and what you want to share with others, the path will always be narrow and less traveled. A good sign that you know you are growing is if your circle is growing smaller! I have had to learn this the hard way recently as I step out in faith, boldness, and love. My hope is that you learn that success is not about being popular, but it means sharing your heart and being willing to accept people where they are at. Some people will pretend and act like they are on the same page with you, some people may be on the same page with you for a certain season, some will say they support you and don’t, and there will be a few that are cheering you on in every area of your life that desire for you to meet your potential.

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Addressed To The ‘Stay-At-Home’ and ‘Wish She Were Home’ Mom

Let me start this off by saying there are many, many moms that love being a ‘stay at home mom’. This is the ‘type’ of mom who wakes up early in the morning ready to conquer the superday. She may have a 6 course meal for breakfast on the table, laundry going, and take pride and joy in having prepared 4 sack lunches for the day. This ‘type’ of mom has the chore list completed before she writes it and may be considered the ‘she-hero’ housewife.

Even if this were the case, I believe that there are certain mom’s that do all of these things, but still feel they came up short somehow. There is a lingering feeling of worthlessness that plagues them. Their day is a chore for them, no matter their attitude. They convince themselves that they are happy to serve their husband and children. This is true! This wife may be happy serving her family, but fulfillment is not just about serving or being happy.

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