It’s Not About Your Credentials…(Part II)

Last post we were talking about the desires of your heart and that there is a reason for them being there. We covered the first thing you should know about that and here is the second half to that….

Secondly, it’s not necessarily about who you know or measurable your credentials are! There are plenty of people out there with credentials and degrees that they are not using for their intensive purposes that school was supposed to prepare them for! There are also plenty of people who have knowledge and skill in certain areas, but their people skill and their willingness to remain teachable is lacking.

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Success: Overcoming The Pit Falls (Part II)

Hi friends! Last time we were talking about success and creating results. The journey to creating results can seem so smooth until a pit fall comes your way. A pit fall is something that must change in you first in order to move forward and create the life you truly desire. Lets take a look and see which one of these pit falls best describes you and how you will overcome it.

The first pit fall is false pride and ego. False pride and ego is over-estimating and compensating your abilities. When you size up your competition to match their credentials, when you obsess to be better than everyone else and strive to achieve results, when the results and success that you have aren’t good enough, when you think you are already better than everyone else and don’t need any more skills and training because you already know it; these are all classic signs of false pride and ego. Just remember one thing, pride always comes before a fall.

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Fruit For Thought (Part IV)…

To get back on our eating plan or not to, that was truly the question at this point! After much discussion, it was clear that to restore our health to its former state and to rid ourselves of what had previously ailed us getting off plan, we were determined the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) was a must.

For this mama it was back to creating and designing sustainable meal plans on a budget. This also meant writing down grocery items on a list and only sticking to those items on the list! I confess, I had to get a bit creative. The less meals I made, but more of, the more we would save on the budget. Also the more meals that could be frozen, the better. This was a concept we had applied in our last home, but had depleted with the move; we simply could not take our frozen homemade meals with us, therefore, consuming them before we had moved.

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To Pre-school OR Home-school? That is the question!

My husband and I recently had a discussion regarding our daughter and time.  Just recently, as you may know, I launched our new website and Facebook page.  In the near future, I will pagebe co-launching another project associated with this; which in turn will allow my husband to join me linking his new business to mine.  At first, I really fought this project knowing what it could possibly mean for the vision and dreams that my husband and I had together.  I must admit, I was a bit fear bound about exposing ourselves and being so vulnerable to comments and criticism.  At the same time, our hearts are so big and we see so many mothers and families that could benefit from the vision that God has laid on our heart.  It is almost disobedient for us not to move forward at this point.  No worries, we are completely pressing in and listening to the Lord for every step of the way.  It is more important now than ever to trust the Lord; especially when it comes to business ventures and family matters.  With so many signs, wonders, confirmations, and affirmations, we are pressing in strongly to see God’s hand at work here.

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