Tips and Strategies To A More Organized & Balanced You!

Are you getting overwhelmed trying to keep track of your schedule?

Are you finding you forget what things you need to take care of during the day or week?

Are things easily slipping your mind and you miss the due date for registration, entry, or assignment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions friends, here are a few tips and strategies to help you stay more organized and on top of your week:

1) Invest into yourself by purchasing a planner. Planners can be found at almost any store, including the dollar store. You don’t have to get the fanciest one, just one that you can take simple notes in and write your appointments down with. Planner can be 8.5×11 or a small planner that you keep in your purse or briefcase.

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Fruit For Thought (Part III)…

From last time, I discussed with you a plan that my family had embraced that would allow us to maximize our energy and overall health. Keep in mind this is not a ‘diet’. The difference between a diet and a plan, a diet helps you lose weight short term along with long term weight gain and a plan is an actual lifestyle that allows you to have a steady progression of weight loss and health over time. My family and I had previously made a commitment to stick with this lifestyle change. With a lifestyle change, it does not mean that cravings will not happen, that weight will shift from time to time, or that there won’t be any bumps on the road along the way. For this reason, we have chosen the simple perspective that this plan is an actual ‘journey’ with steady progress and a few minor ups and downs. We were doing great on plan for the last 2 years and then came our MOVE!

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